Saturday, May 14, 2005

Being 1/2 Korean, I should learn some of it...

And lately, I've been trying to, getting them in little-by-little. Since I'm 1/2 Korean, I ought to know some of it. Therefore, I brought up my own set of mnemonics to learn it more easily.

What I have so far are city names and a Communist Ideology.

Seoul: 서울 (Mercedes then Leftcross, O above T above 2).

This is because the first symbol in the first group looks like the Mercedes-Benz Logo, and the second looks like the left half of a crucifix. Then the second group has what appears to be an "O" on top of a "T", which is on top of what looks like a "2".

Juche: 주체 (Z-Stool above T, Angelic Z-Stool then Leftcross then Cane)

The top symbol on the first group looks like a Z-shaped stool, and I couldn't find a better explanation for it. The bottom looks of course like a "T". The second group shows the same Z-Stool with a line right over it, and the first thought that crossed my mind was how an angel's halo is right above their head, hence "Angelic Z-Stool". There's the left 1/2 of a cross again, and the last symbol shows a straight line, but a little slanted to the left almost to the top, like a cane may look.

And here's the city whose name sounds pretty fun to pronounce:
Sokcho: 속초 (Mercedes above Reversed-T above 7, Angelic Z-Stool above Reversed-T)

You should be able to get the explanation by now...

Now where my grandparents (and some other relatives) live is in Anyang, a suburb of Seoul.
Anyang: 안양 (O then Rightcross above L, O then Double-Rightcross above O)

An Island right off the Korean mainland. Also kinda thought it was serene when I visited Korea in 1998.
Cheju: 제주 (Z-Stool then Leftcross then Cane, Z-Stool above T)

First Korean car I knew about in my life.
Hyundai Motor Company: 현대 자동차 (Angelic Pacifier then Double-Leftcross above L, TC-Hybrid then H, Z-Stool then Rightcross, C above Reversed-T above O, Angelic Z-Stool then Rightcross)

That's what I have for now. I may update later on this.

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  1. thats one every new way to learn a language....great