Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sentient Androids= The ULTIMATE Cash Cows? (Part 2)

The Possibilities in making $$$ are, quite frankly, near-infinite
The 'bot may scour every place that sells anything in hopes of getting the best possible deal in order to sell that item at the highest price a buyer is willing to pay.

As s/he scans any items for sale, s/he also roots through a worldwide database to find the average price of that item, who's looking to buy it, where it'll reliably sell at the highest possible price, and compare all that against the price shown in his/her scan.

Peddling (or nomadic selling)
If the highest-paying seller or area is a considerable distance away, then the 'bot could either run to it (a bit more practical considering that androids will run significantly faster than humans do) or even scour a landfill/dump to build/restore a bicycle to go even faster, or even a pedal-powered truck for that plus extra cargo capacity.

Making more money
Later on, after amassing a few hundred dollars' worth of wealth peddling in Real Life, the 'bot will open selling accounts at online stores, auctions, wholesalers, and the like.

After finding wholesalers who sell the hottest-selling items at the lowest wholesale prices, my android will start selling them at whatever auction & store sites will either cost the lowest to sell from, sell the quickest from, or both. Actually, maybe only both. After all, the android will know what s/he's doing, and will stay within his/her ethical subroutines (i.e. will not 'spam').

Using the best advertising tactics possible, the droid is bound to make quick and bountiful sales. As the purchasing power and reputation grows on the various sites s/he sells from, this only amplifies the chain reactions in earning money.

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