Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sentient Androids= The ULTIMATE Cash Cows? (Part 3)

Dropshipping is fine. Selling what the droid possesses is even better.
Therefore, the droid will eventually decide to build a warehouse, in order to sell what's actually possessed, thus increase the reliability of online sales. As I will have asked him/her to upload his/her progress in real-time, as soon as the droid decides to build a warehouse, s/he may rent a small one, then move his/her way up, and skipping all the in-betweens, I'll ask him/her to build it underground beneath a desert, after buying a 160-acre patch of land for the lowest possible price.

Warehouse Overview
Then s/he gets instructed to recycle the ground that the warehouse replaces in order to use it for building materials, etc..., then build helipads/airfields on the surface, and use only 10 acres at a time. Helipads, airfields, parks, etc... will all be in one 10-acre space above ground, then make each underground story 20 feet per floor down to one mile deep. My android may hire more androids to get the work done faster. I'll leave the wage negotiations up to him/her.

  • For the first 10 floors, there will be hangars, for the cargo-copters and cargo-planes.
  • The next 10 will be parking, half the spaces for semi-trucks (probably self-driven by 2030!)
  • Then on B21- air-conditioning equipment
  • B22- computer servers
  • B23- trash recycling (ALL trash will get recycled into something useful)
  • B24- Sewage Treatment
  • B25- Water Treatment
  • B26-B28- Aquifer Extraction
  • B29- Aquifer Restoration
  • B30-B70- Offices
  • B71-B98- Call Centers
  • B99- More Air Conditioning Equipment
  • B100- Restaurants & Food Courts
  • B101-B105- Kitchens & Cafeterias
  • B106-B110- Lounges & Gamerooms
  • B111- More Water Treatment
  • B112- More Sewage Treatment
  • B113- Air Filters
  • B114-B117- Museum Levels
  • B118- Movie Theaters
  • B119-B125- Shopping Levels
  • B188- More Air Conditioning Equipment
  • B261-B264- Support Underproppings (the "foundation")

And if all that gets full, then the droid(s) can make extensions by building on (and under) the next 10-acre section, all the way until all 160 acres are filled. After that, I'll figure out what to do from there.

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