Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sentient Androids= The ULTIMATE Cash Cows?

An android will become my personal moneymaker
As soon as I get a sentient, self-improving humanlike android in a few decades (circa 2030?), one of the first things I'll do is ask him to make more money for me. How? I'll leave that up to him/her. Regulations will hopefully prohibit robots from making money through illegal activity (steal, make/sell drugs, weapons, etc...) so whatever s/he decides to do will stay legal.

What I'll do is give the android $1.00 and ask him/her, "Through any legal means, please make $100 out of that $1 investment as soon as possible, and upload your progress to my PDA in real-time. Once you make $100, keep going, and reach $10,000 as soon as possible. After that, $1,000,000, then $100m, then $10b, then keep going as fast as you can. Also, once you reach the $10m threshold, please put 1% of your earnings into my bank account from that point forward, once per hour, on top of the hour."

Flops and Bytes
Since the android's computation speed will zoom at around 2 Exaflops (whereas one average human brain is ~20 Petaflops), the computing power will be more than enough to make huge profits out of tiny investments.

His/her memory storage capacity will amount somewhere in the ZETTABYTE range, so with a worldwide database on how to make money, in every last language, s/he will draw upon the most efficient ways to do so, and self-learn, self-adapt, and self-improve throughout the way.

It's reasonable to predict that 2 Exaflops will be commonplace by 2030. Here's a chart that graphs the Exponential Growth of Computing:

Exponential Growth of Computing, by Ray Kurzweil

Even 20 Petaflops are sufficient, using full potential.
Even 20 Petaflops would be more than enough to make a huge fortune, but the economy progresses so comparatively slow because most humans do not use as much potential as the brain can muster. A non-biological android would do their very best to use as much of their potential as they possibly can.


  1. this scheme is interesting, but if it becomes available to everyone, then those with will make more money based on the level of advancement they can afford. In that case, the rich would become exceedingly rich and inflation would grow to extreme levels. when this occurs, the people will attempt to make MORE money based on the inflation, driving inflation further. a similar thing happened to germany after WWI, when the economy was in such distress that they decided to mint more money. the inflation rate over the next few years was over a trillion percent, literally (i am not making this up). moreover, the relative amounts of money people have would change drastically, because the advanced androids would make so much more than the others, and so an economic catastrophe would be inevitable.