Thursday, November 21, 2002

H.S. Senior Journal 3 (Retro Personal Entry)

(This retroactive journal entry is an attempt to immortalize my written entries by transposing them from a notebook to this blog.)

I think I will start a NEW DAY's journal in this format except that
the date will be first and the clock time should be second.
Yes, always with a space between 2 days' entries.
Now, where was I? Ok, I wish for God to send my spirit back
in time to August 15, 1994 into my 9-year-old body so
I could achieve anything that I may have missed. So
what if I don't drive back then? I will have enough fun
as it is. I would ace virtually everything, including the
county Spelling Bee. Wow, I would be on those sports teams
and be more involved in a lot of things, including church and
camps. Also, on those math tests (which were like CAT tests),
I would get virtually all of the problems right, so
to a next level contest, ace THAT and... well, who
knows where else but I would be in much higher math
classes, that's for sure. When I move to PA in
that October of 1995, I'd hopefully get a paperboy job to pay
for Cable TV and explore the neighborhood on my rollerblades
meeting some new friends. As soon as I start school,
Christine Foley would still be cute and my 17-year-old's
street smarts should let me make friends a lot more
easily. (Don't forget about my hair -- I should ask any high
schooler in my area what type of hairstyle would look
the cutest to girls my age.) I won't repeat the same
mistake with Shaun Brooker as I have in my first past.
When I was in the library one day with the class, I walked
past Shaun and somehow, without knowing, I bumped Shaun's
chair and his neck was pushed to the edge of the table and
choked him. The rivalry started with his words, "You'd better not touch me."
Well, that shouldn't happen after the spirit time travel.
Also, with the aceing of everything, and being inducted into Miss Brodbeck's gifted program,
I should quickly win Christine Foley's heart.

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