Friday, November 29, 2002

H.S. Senior Journal 4 (Retro Personal Entry)

(This retroactive journal entry is an attempt to immortalize my written entries by transposing them from a notebook to this blog.)

Wow, I haven't written in 8 days. I wish I could do a lot of
things in my life but I get so lazy! I'd love to partipate in
Youth Court but I still have those papers to fill out. Never mind,
I just checked and it seems that I turned it in already! (I hope!) Well, I still
have the Big Brothers, Big Sisters application to turn in, though.
Why haven't I written my journal in 8 days, you ask? I keep being
preoccupied with games, internet surfing, or anything that's fun.
Sheesh, I have so much to write about yet I have a huge habit of putting
things off so much.

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