Wednesday, November 20, 2002

H.S. Senior Journal 2 (Retro Personal Entry)

(This retroactive journal entry is an attempt to immortalize my written entries by transposing them from a notebook to this blog.)

I forgot to tell you that I found out 2 days ago that gas
prices are now $1.25 per gallon. Before, it was $1.34,
$1.39, $1.47, $1.42, $1.39 again, $1.34, and now $1.25.
I haven't seen gas prices in the $1.20's in a LONG while.
When was the last time I've seen prices that low? What
were the prices when Casey's opened? Sheesh, I wish
I'd keep journals for as often as I possibly could.
I know that in the summer of 2000, gas was at $1.74
a gallon! Wow, in Kansas? You'd normally see those
prices in California! Why'd they raise them that high?
(continued from previous page)
There surely wasn't a 3rd oil embargo that year! I also remember
high gas prices in the summer of 2001. It was $1.60-ish and
still was when September 11th struck. I also check
every day and today, the lowest price for gas is 97¢ in Indianapolis, IN.
I'm sure that so many people (vehicles) are waiting in line at that gas station
that it would take 1/2 an hour to get to the pump and fill up.
(10:58 PM) Wow, I have so many things to do but I tend to procrastinate
a whole lot. I have to finish reading the book, "The Acorn People"
by tomorrow. There is a PT II assignment that I will also have
to finish by tomorrow. On top of that, I also have an Algebra II
assignment due. Wow, that is too much yet I put off so much
until the last minute! I am a chronic daydreamer, (WORD REMOVED),
and procrastinator. I feel an increased sense of "urgency" at
10:45 PM, at least. Why are my priorities flipped? I want
to feel a sense of urgency on doing homework first
rather than playing games first. Even though some games
help me with real-life skills a little (Isketch- helps me draw better,)
and (Neopets - could be a very good play-money maker if I sell
Neoitems at the right prices; high enough to make
good profits yet low enough to lure a lot of customers.
This will stay fun since the Pet-rearing simulation
site will be virtually impossible to cheat in.) I should
still concentrate on my homework because they help me
more than the games. Despite that, my instinct wants
to always do something fun because homework is usually
"boring." Why does my instinct win most of the time?
Why can't my consciousness take over more often and
do what needs to be done? Procrastination is a beast
that slowly grows for each procrastinating action you
commit. As it grows, it needs more "food" to maintain
itself. The food is more procrastinating actions.
As it grows, it consumes you and with a greater size somebody
obviously consumes more so this procrastination
will slowly consume you faster and faster until
procrastinating has become so routine that you forget how it feels
to get anything with a deadline done early. Procrastinating
has made me ineligable for NHS, Tri-M, many scholarships, and college
classes for college and high school credit. It has also made me
feel low about myself.

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