Monday, November 18, 2002

H.S. Senior Journal 1 (Retro Personal Entry)

(This retroactive journal entry is an attempt to immortalize my written entries by transposing them from a notebook to this blog.)

This is my first time in a long while that I have written a Journal w/o
it being a class assignment. When was the last time I did the
same thing? Possibly in 8th Grade. Currently, everything
(almost) is falling apart around me. The pipe from
the upstairs bathroom was dripping down to the kitchen.
I went upstairs to check the toilet and it was full
near the top. Despite getting a plunger to unclog
the toilet, the pipe still dripped. (10:07 PM) Yes, it dripped
louder than before, at least so it seems. It practically
was dripping a waterfall. Also, there are substances on
the wooden floor that sticks. They are very hard to
remove. Also dirt and other debris are starting to stick
onto the leather couch. To add more to the problem,
we don't even have a full-size vacuum cleaner
anymore. Mom believes that we can sweep
wooden floors with mops, brooms, or rags. First,
that takes longer than what a full-sized vacuum would
take, second, the black Dirt Devil Scorpion
hand vacuum that I got from the PX for $19.95
has a dust chamber so small, you'd have to clean
it out 5 minutes after start of usage. The
dust that results from emptying the chambers sometimes
goes to my nose and the sneeze gets very constant.

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  1. Usually, whatever is blocking the toilet drain is not very far away. If the plunger’s action doesn’t dislodge the clog, you can try to hook the blockage and pull it free.