Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Son of W.A.Y. parody: Sleep, Smoke, Going to Topeka (Ballad of Bradley Brown)

  • Sleepin', Smokin', Goin' to Topeka (Ballad of Bradley Brown)
    • Parody of "Don't Stop (Thinkin' About Tomorrow)" by Fleetwood Mac
    • The parody is about Bradley Brown's spiral toward academic failure in Fall 2003 when all he'd do is sleep (in the day), smoke, and go to Topeka a lot when he should've attended classes. 
  • Music video ideas
    • Images or clips of sleeping, smoking, and Topeka are to be shown in the music vid.
  • Lyric ideas
    • Replace "Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow" with "Sleepin', Smokin', Goin' to Topeka."

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