Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Son of W.A.Y. parody: 11'8"

  • 11'8"
    • Parody of "Awful Awgwas" by Pioneer Drama Service
    • The marketing jingle is intended to be a summary about the crash compilation site "11foot8.com" and its YouTube channel "yovo68."
      • The site and channel shows overheight vehicles running into the crash beam of a low railway trestle. 
    • http://11foot8.com/
    • 11foot8's YouTube Channel - yovo68
  • Music video ideas
    • A compilation of 11foot8 crash videos are to be shown in the music vid.
      • When the music videography budget improves, we are to film on location of the trestle in Durham, NC.
  • Lyric ideas


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