Saturday, September 24, 2016

Son of W.A.Y. parody: I Went Down to Bompton For a Bup of Boffee

  • I Went Down to Bompton For a Bup of Boffee
    • Parody of the "Banana Boat Song" and "Bin Laden Bomb Song"
    • The parody ought to be sung by an all-black (African-American) ensemble
    • Instrumentation must be that of rap / hip-hop.
      • If another version is recorded with original instrumentation, perhaps this parody can be sung with a Jamaican / Caribbean accent.
  • Music video ideas:
    • Music video must show a red-clad African-American man going to a cafe in Compton, CA (South-Central LA) and having a cup of coffee with a buddy / "brotha" / colleague / "home-boy" also clad in red.
  • Lyric ideas:
    • This song isn't intended to be racist, but rather tell the history of gangs (especially the Bloods gang) in 1990s South-Central Los Angeles.
    • If the Bloods are still relevant as of the song's publication, the lyrics ought to tell their more recent history as well.

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