Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autism & Mercury - Government Conspiracy for Population Control?

The Autism Epidemic keeps progressing unchecked. It was 1 / 166, 1 / 150, and now 1 / 88 kids who are born have autism.
China gets to be overt with their population control policy. Their citizens do not have as much power to fight back against it; they are often repressed and brutalized.
However, way too many Americans would be up in arms about anything similar.
Therefore, what if a different way to control population growth happens behind our backs, out of sight of the media?
It could be that they leave pollutants in the food (and sometimes water?) supplies on purpose, so that pregnant mothers who take them cause their babies to be born with defects that make them "socially ineligible" to marry and have kids of their own someday. Do you see the EPA mandating mercury removal from the catches of fish?
And so, with enough children having such defects, the government can discreetly breathe a sigh of relief and not worry about population overgrowth.
And possibly, because I post this conspiracy theory here, I could get taken away by trenchcoated men.
A. How do we know that there is no governmental conspiracy to control population growth by infecting kids with autism-inducing pollutants before they're born? (Please do not answer if you are a governmental agent who is capable of participating in said conspiracy.)
B. IF there has been no secret population-control conspiracy all this time, why has there no effort been shown to remove all mercury from all food? As well as all other toxins from food causing birth defects that lead to social ineligibility to reproduce later in life?
C. Society fought long and HARD against HIV, and we're (slowly) winning that battle; why can't we fight as hard in a battle against Autism by at least isolating catalysts thereof and fighting / removing them?
D. Children of Men depicted a sterile society "due to pollution" and unknown factors. If pollutants cause Autism, why didn't we see many Autistic citizens all over the film?

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