Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Desired replies to Katie

Depending on what Katie tells me, I only think of good replies/comebacks long after the conversation takes place. The rehearsed lines keep coming back to my mind, so as a release, I ought to post them somewhere, and here they are:

  1. Well, you're not a child.
    1. That can get subjective: Remember that we're all children of God, and I'm still a child to at least 2 people on Earth. You can guess who they are, right?
  2. You can't turn back the clock.
    1. I know I don't have Cher's cosmetic budget, but who said that cosmetic science stopped advancing? If she can turn back the clock so well on her looks, then I can only expect to do better than her as I grow old. Just as computers keep getting cheaper for their performance, I can only hope anti-aging methods get cheaper, too.
(To continue...)

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