Friday, July 16, 2010

I just dreamed of being one of many who found a never-ending labyrinth below a warehouse

Just today, I dreamed that I was at a warehouse with a "discovery team" (excavation team? Or similar) whose job it was to explore more of the labyrinth and stamp out all threats as necessary.

The "headquarters of operations" was at the head of the warehouse, where a lot of abandoned merchandise was stored. (Apparently abandoned 5-10 years ago, as they were being sold through some online marketplaces.

Then in the hallways beyond the main storage area of the warehouse itself, were offices, rooms, and etc. somewhat like the hallways of a church with rooms being Sunday school rooms, clergy offices, etc. However, the windows appeared to be like basement windows at that point. Some of the rooms had "crew quarters" and others stored more unsold merchandise. There were also kitchens.

The merchandises I mainly remember seeing were toys - Super Soaker water guns, Nerf toy guns, and other cool toys from the past 20 years.

Strangely enough, there was also a large, massive underground swimming pool, with a water cannon on the balcony of that pool whose design appeared to be a giant Super Soaker, bolted to the ground, of course. I never had time to make much use of it.

There was a nondescript side-door that opened up to what appeared to amount to no more than some pantry (or long closet) but at the end of that "room" was a passageway to an even lower level. Our team ventured down into it, and for some odd reason, we had Super Soaker water cannons and other toy weapons on us.

The lower levels started to look a little more old, decrepit, and poorly lit. We started to use our flashlights. We found more rooms, which were getting a little dustier the lower we went down. They stored more unsold merchandise. Notably, I and some other colleagues went into a brightly-lit room fool of Pokémon merchandise. It was about the size of a typical bedroom, and had books, posters, and other sundry. Strangely enough, I didn't notice any dust.

I think I may have collected some, placed them in my backpack, and kept going with the excursion team. Then there were some bats; I decided to take a shot at them with my Super Soaker. That took care of them somehow. The hallway was getting creepier and older-looking the further we went down. I decided to go back up to the warehouse area to help with the other tasks in the meantime.

I looked for a guide or two about this place. I found one and asked him, "Hey sir, how far do these tunnels go?" He said that our expeditions have never found a definitive end to any of these tunnels. They just seem to keep going forever, and forever down. That's when I asked, "So you're saying that these tunnels go straight to Hell?"

I don't remember his answer, but it was some type of affirmation.

I helped move a bit more of the merchandise, and then went back into the labyrinth.

When I jogged through and caught up with another group, they were with another guide this time, and some kids were along for the trek. After we went deeper into the old, decrepit hallways of earlier times, we then came onto some mythical creatures of folklore (olden like from Tolkien novels or modern, like seen on World of Warcraft or Asheron's Call) like oversized rodents of some sort and some "undead" partly-rotted zombies of sorts. Fortunately, they didn't seem that powerful. Our water guns seemed to take care of them right away, and the others in our party used some melee and other toy weapons. I'm not sure if what was loaded in the Super Soakers was water; it may have been some kind of chemicals for all I know.

We appeared to be in some kind of role-playing game, but it all felt so real. Evidently, the first creatures we encountered were the "low-level" creatures that didn't take long to dispatch, and this was already in a hallway that was apparently several floors below the warehouse. I talked to the others about what kinds of creatures lurk below THIS level, and someone remarked about needing baseball bats real soon. That's when I remembered seeing some aluminum bats with purple and black accent stripes on the handle area back in the main warehouse.

I then asked the guide of that party of all hallways can linearly lead back to the surface, or if we may eventually come upon a maze; sort of like a maze of hedges, that we can easily get lost in and may NEVER find our way back up. The guide told us that some members of another expedition did lurk into levels so deep, that they were never seen again, so that was a possibility that they got so hopelessly lost that hope was lost for them, if the creatures down there didn't finish them already.

She or other person in the group also mentioned that (either the military or some kind of contractors) were installing new electricity lines down these levels in order to light all the labyrinths (and possibly mentioned about direction markers to show anyone back up to the surface.) I might have seen them in one of the hallways, but my memory is fuzzier at that point.

Eventually, we were called to come back up and call it a day. We then headed to a kitchen, passing a massive swimming pool on the way (that I therefore mentioned several paragraphs earlier), then were given our evening meals to go. I helped myself to some snacks in the meantime before and after I packed my dinner.

I started collecting some of the abandoned merchandise to take home with me, and had some conversations with a couple of people and some kids who were doing the same. (Or the adults may have been looking after their sons.) After I collected my items and food, I was on my way back up when I found another kitchen/pantry and decided to help myself to some more. A woman may have quipped about how hungry I must've been (or something along those lines.)

Once done, it was deep in the night. There was a parking lot and a nearby road in front of it going sideways up a hill. I was nearly outside fixing to go home, when a lady in her late 50s-early 60s asked me where I lived. I gave her my current address where I go to college at. She corrected and asked me where I'm living right now in Britain. I started to stumble with my answer. From that point, I could not remember much else because that's when I woke up.

Evidently, this warehouse and labyrinth was somewhere in the UK. There was quite a thrill in discovering new depths and fighting the creatures from them.

That dream was the best, most adventurous dream I have had in quite a long time. Many nights, I don't remember dreaming but this was rather vivid. I wish I had properly finished this dream before waking up.

Now I hope to find an award-winning video game that involves dungeons/labyrinths that keep getting deeper and never end. In the meantime, are there unending labyrinths in real life? Any hallways that lead to some hellish underground area?

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  1. Hi.

    A rogue-like game I used to play has deep dungeons.

    It's called Moria.

    I don't remember if they never end, but they go down deep.

    Anyway, what you described above would be a great virtual scenario for a game.