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Why aren't there police droids in the Coruscant underworld?

Prelude: This was a brief conversation I had on a Star Wars resource site back in 2006.

In the Coruscant Underworld:

Where are all of the police droids?

Oh, gosh no! Don't you think someone would've thought of sending police droids down to the lowest depths of this ecumenopolis by now? The planetwide police force did not bother to patrol these depths because the criminal elements down there were far too powerful. However, it is better to have a droid destroyed than to have a living, breathing police officer killed.

Chances are, the government wouldn't care about what happens down there, as long as whatever harm from down there doesn't happen up top. Hence, the goverment wouldn't care about what I'd send down there. If I were a powerful businessman (from preferrably offworld), and learned about the plight of Coruscant's underlevels, I would order many police droids to be made in my factories, and sent down to Coruscant's rock-bottom to clean up the place. Oh, and I would order my factories to make mobile factories so they would go around and recycle the garbage into new droids, and even NEW mobile factories!

The orders to the police droids

My orders would be benevolent too. (as I am a light-sider) The orders to the police droids would be:

  • "Do not attack unless you are attacked first. If you are, do not kill the attacker; destroy their weapon and warn them to behave, that their body has been scanned and will be kept in the police data files, and let them go on their way. If they attack unarmed (without weapons), incapacitate them but keep them alive regardless." If this is the first time they attacked a droid, let them go with a warning. If this is beyond their first time, take them to the nearest jail.
  • If any non-sentient attacks you, kill them on sight. If the non-sentient is too powerful for you to kill alone, request backup. (Note that if the police droid gets destroyed before having the chance to fight back, their data is still submitted in real-time to other police droids via their own network so until the non-sentient creature is neutralized, stronger & stronger waves of police droids would keep coming to destroy it, ad infinitum.)
  • If you detect a sentient getting attacked by another sentient, intercede, destroy the attacker's weapon, heal the victim if necessary, question both victim and attacker, and send the attacker to the nearest jail.
  • If you detect sentients attacking each other (i.e. in a gang battle or otherwise), call for backup. However, do NOT wait for backup to arrive; attempt to stop the attack whilst warning them that backup is on its way, and that this incident has already been submitted whether they destroy you or not. As before, destroy their weapons, restrain them, and wait for the backup's police-airspeederbus to arrive.

Renovation Droids

I must also add that I would order the manufacture of renovation droids too. If they are ever attacked or detect a sentient in distress, they would call upon the police droids for assistance. They would be responsible for:

  • Refurbishing the unused and abandoned ground floors (of which there is an abundance of)
  • ...into clean, aesthetically pleasing, usable places.
  • Turning some of these places into the police stations and jails of the undercity due to their urgent necessity at that time.
  • Going door-to-door to the apartments down there, and ask the inhabitants if they want their apartments fixed up and to look nicer.
  • Automatically renovating vacant apartments. (of course)
  • Installing artificial lighting, LOTS of artificial lighting in the outdoor areas. The lowest depths of this planetwide city would be dark no longer!

Janitorial Droids

I would also have these built. All the same, they would also call upon police droids for assistance should they ever be attacked or detect a sentient in distress. They would be responsible for:

  • Removing all of the corpses and filth, and sent to recycling centers (or garbage barges if unrecyclable)
  • Sending all of the corpses of sentients to the nearest morgue (the morgue droids/workers would then see about giving them the appropriate burial of their culture, and notify family, friends, and colleagues if their identities can be discovered.
  • Recovering wreckages of droids and sending them to mobile droid factories for rebuilding.
  • Scavenging for parts, scrap metal, and any material to make new droids out of and sending them to mobile droid factories.


That is all I can think of, for now. If I were in the SWG and had enough power, I would change the underworld of Coruscant this way. I kinda wish someone else would have thought of this earlier. --[[User:|]] 03:04, 22 May 2006 (UTC)


That would have been very difficult for any government including a galactic one to do. Coruscant has 1 trillion inhabitants and nearly the entire surface has been covered by layers and layers of buildings, thus making policing by both sentients and droids a difficult or impossible task.

It would take millions of droids to police the entire underworld and the production of such police droids would be expensive and time consuming. Also, by the time of the Imperial and New Republic eras, the use of combat droids was unpopular partly due to the [[Confederacy of Independent Systems]]'s droid armies. The massive rebuilding programme by the [[Galactic Federation of Free Alliances|Galactic Alliance]] would give them a chance to clean up the lower levels. However, I like your idea. [[User:MyNz|MyNz]] 04:03, 22 May 2006 (UTC)

:Thank you. Although down in the undercity, the popularity of police droids wouldn't matter becuase who or whatever inhabits the undercity would have much bigger things to worry about than to mind the presence of police droids. As for those who do mind, we would hope that they would come to understand that droids are needed until the bowels of Coruscant are safe enough to allow living, breathing police officers to patrol the depths.

:About the rebuilding program- I don't know if the Galactic Alliance would allocate enough resources to rehabilitate the bottom of the entire planet. (Maybe parts of the bottom, perhaps.) They could deem their other objectives more important, so whether or not they attempt to clean up the underworld themselves, I would send my own company-manufactured droids to help in the efforts. Seeing how dire the situation is down there, they could sure use a helping hand (in this case, millions of mechanical ones.)

:I assume this would be sometime during the Legacy Era. I wonder how the Underworld is doing by then. --[[User:|]] 09:13, 27 May 2006 (UTC)

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