Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nanobots, implants, and EMP BOMBS!

Terrorists of tomorrow will likely commit electronic warfare by detonating EMP bombs wherever we may be.

This could leave vulnerable anyone with nanobots and respirocytes swimming around in their bloodstreams, and anyone wearing implants.

If we only have microscopic robots swimming in our bodies, and an EMP attacks us, will they just settle to the bottom of the bloodstreams and eventually be discharged from our bodies through our sweat glands (and other bodily exits?) Or will we die from this?

I know anyone with pacemakers and other artificial vital regulators would die from an EMP attack. Eye implants would cause blindness until they're repaired or replaced.

But to prepare for this (and we have a decade to do so,) how do you suppose nanobots and implants will have shields against EMP bombs? How can users of these electronics protect themselves from these attacks somehow?

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  1. If they ever become similar to viri and bacterium, then we are in trouble.

    It's worth something to do a little reading upon, and thinking.