Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm tired of reading long, uninteresting passages. Therefore, I'll copy them here... (Personal Entry)

I have decided that in order to better absorb my required reading assignments for both of my classes: Intro to Creative Fiction & Non-Fiction, I will copy their stories onto this public blogsite.

Every now and then, I find a passage already online, so I copy-&-paste it onto my ReadPlease 2003 Text-to-Speech program. Having something read to me saves effort. However, more often than not, I fail to find the full passage. Sometimes, I find snippets of them in the Google Books results, and when I do, I cannot copy & paste them, as they are images rather than copy-&-pasteable texts.

I am tired of grinding my way through uninteresting passages. I would much rather type them up word-by-word and post them here than to struggle through what I won't absorb the most of anyway.

Don't worry, I will attribute the original authors. Moreover, if anyone (publisher, author, et al.) decides to make a fuss about my postings, I will re-save them to a private setting so that only I can read it.

In the meantime, other students from my class, my university, and other universities will find this new resource quite helpful if they also have a text-to-speech program. If they have the same reading assignments required of them, this will also save them the time and effort that it will save me, therefore, I will do the entire college internet population a big favor!

Please, let me know what you think of my plan.

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  1. I think it's an awesome plan.

    I have some processing issues as well, and it would have been great to have something like this.

    Fortunately we had a BIG book of readings when I took a literature class.

    It would probably have been helpful for Pat of Silver Bush (and its sequel) when I used some sticky notes (Post-its), and not have destroyed what was already a very vulnerable book (it was 13 years old by the time I began to study it). Fortunately I was able to get 90% of what I wanted, and also cross-check on Project Gutenberg if there were any troubles.