Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ad revenue to help universities: Advertisements on walls.

Place ads all over universities' properties

Let companies put up schooling-related advertisements!

Have the advertisers pay their fees on a per-semester or per-month basis.

There are HOARDES of unused advertising space all over campus - walls, doors, you name it!

These advertisements shouldn't only be outside, but inside buildings as well. When ads are placed wherever they can be, and wherever is reasonable to be seen, the revenue from this initiative should seriously help K-State!

If possible, even place ads on the sidewalks somehow, and even on the pavements of parking lots (NOT the parking spaces themselves of course, but on the driveways between them.)

As goes without saying, make sure that these surface-based ads do not make the surfaces more slippery than they inherently are.

I am in Hale Library right now, and many of the columns' sides are bare. They can advertise services and websites intended to help them study. (For example: Cliffs Notes and

I seriously hope to see ads on campus one day, because it would give me peace of mind in knowing that the revenue from these ads are helping stifle the increase in tuition costs.

Where there is vacant ad-space, an ad placeholder can say something like "The ad revenue initiative helps slow the increase of your tuition and other university fees," and other public service announcements to that effect.

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  1. What a wonderful idea.

    Many non-university places (for example, libraries and bookshops) put up education-related advertising.