Thursday, August 27, 2009

I need to write journals for English 465 now. I might as well post them here. (Personal Entry)


I asked my instructor, Sara Mertz, if I could publicize my journal assignments onto Facebook and she said "It's your intellectual property. Do what you want with it."

Now, the stipulations are that we write a minimum of three sentences (or was it three paragraphs) of journals every single day and Sara will review them every now and then. Laptops are allowed in class, so when it comes time for her to see that we have been keeping journals ("diaries" in her words, but is a feminine term to me), she look glance over our shoulders to skim and see that we meet the basic length requirements.

That means I will have to keep my Facebook Notes open for her in class. Heh, I'd say it's a little bit of an ironic twist because college instructors generally frown upon students surfing on non-relevant pages during class. This time, it's relevant.

English 465 is a Creative Nonfiction class, in case anyone wondered.


As I had no class until 2:30 (a 2-hour GEOG 221 Environmental Geography lab), I played San Andreas until about 7:30 in the morning. Luckily, I was able to wake up and leave in time.

However, my bike wasn't on the rack; Natasha took it when she was trying to exchange some books at Varneys. Therefore, I had to jog up a hill to Seaton 19 with laptop, trapper, keychain (a large one), and other items in tow.

While waiting at a crosswalk for our turn to cross, a blue, late-model Chevy Equinox SUV passed me that had the license plate: ALWYSL8. I thought this was kinda funny because I do have a habit of being late. What went on in my mind was, "Is this God talking to me??"

This was a pretty big coincidence because the lack of a bike was making me late, I've been late a lot, and now, a random vehicle passes me with the license plate "ALWYSL8."

Well, I got to the lab room about 2 minutes late, and the door was locked because something's wrong with the door; it always locks when it shuts.

Plenty of what we did on our first assignment was easy, but if there was a little challenge here & there, the challenges will only magnify as we move along in the semester. I hope the resources I'll have for help in this class will serve well. Too bad though, that the software, "TopoUSA," is only available on those lab computers, so good luck to me.

Natasha's job hunt

Someone called in the middle of class, and I had to switch the phone to silent. Later, I checked my voice mail and it was Kris from Varney's, asking for Natasha. I called Natasha after class, and she didn't answer. Later, I found her at home, and she said her phone was on silent the whole time because she doesn't like to even hear a vibration in class.

Well, I told her the number and who to speak to, even if it was after 5 PM (when I thought Kris, the Human Resource Officer at Varneys, may have gone home,) so when Natasha called, great news! She was still able to reach Kris!

Natasha is going to have another interview at Varney's sometime tomorrow for a position in the Art Department. It's her 3rd interview there. I don't remember what her 1st was for, but the 2nd was for a cashier job, and they thought she wasn't "fanatic" enough for K-State. Natasha doesn't care about sports and the team spirit all that much, so she'd rather work in a position where Wildcat Fanaticism doesn't matter all that much.

Since Natasha likes to draw so much, I hope that this department they'll interview her for will be a perfect fit!

Computer trouble

First off, my other (fully-operational) computer charger (that I take with me) was nowhere to be found. I looked in various places in my apartment, and didn't find it. I had thought that Natasha took it and forgot where she put it.

Then I rode back up to campus to retrace yesterday's steps. It wasn't there in the Union Little Theater, but I managed to get a fine fruit snack because some kind of event was going on with numerous clubs exhibiting themselves.

Next, I went to Eisenhower 220 (or was it 218?), where I have ENGL 461 and 465, same classroom, back-to-back. Well, there my charger was!

After coming back home, I turned on the computer, and it was giving me trouble; the bottom half of the screen was not working. I tried shutting it down and turning it back on, taking the battery out and putting it back in, and finally started banging the screen. Banging the lower-left of the screen caused it to work again, so I am now back in business!

Now I'll be having some fun tonight, with another intensive class day tomorrow, and some kind of church picnic at Tuttle Creek at 6.

Let's hope this new semester becomes more fruitful than the previous ones.

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