Monday, July 20, 2009

COMING OUT: I have hid my Asperger’s Syndrome all along (150-word Preface) (Personal Entry)


All along, you may have noticed that I cannot react to numerous social situations properly or something about me is not on the same “wavelength” with people in general. The cause of that is Asperger’s Syndrome. With it, I cannot deal with people much like normal people can, and from it came numerous social mistakes.

The many faux pas I have committed have caused me much emotional turmoil in my life. Some of you still harbor some negative emotions toward me because of my past faux-pas towards you. Some of you (if you read this anyhow,) even took me off of your friends list because I committed an unintended social mistake; something you didn't appreciate.

However, there are some advantages to having Asperger’s, one of which is greater academic prowess. Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, and many other luminaries either have it or were speculated to.

(Continued on Part I)

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