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COMING OUT: Being more comfortable as a follower than a leader with Asperger’s, and continuing the (Genki) family name (Part X) (Personal Entry)

Social skills-enhancing clubs (Continued)

Whereas some colleges have clubs about Autism (and Asperger's,) K-State doesn't. I don't think I have the clout and leadership skills to start a new one. New clubs require five members to join, and I wouldn't be able to figure out who else on campus has my disorder. (Out of 22,000+ students, this would be a monumental task.)

Fraternities are “clubs” where members socially enhance themselves with one another, but I have not joined a fraternity, one of the reasons being because I need to already have a prerequisite level of social skills in order to join in the first place. What fraternity will accept anybody with Asperger’s Syndrome?

I have been more comfortable as a follower than a leader

I still am, although ironically enough, I took two leadership classes that I got a "B" and an "A" in.

Leadership embodies social skills so thoroughly I'm unsure how I'd comfortably fit as a leader. A follower doesn't get far in life, hence is the reason why I took those leadership classes. They raised my GPA average, but may not do much else.

If I were a higher power who decided on what order of siblings Autistics/Aspies should be in, I would opt to only make them the youngest children of the family. They would fare better since they would rely on older siblings to teach them all the necessary social skills.

This didn't happen to me; I was the oldest in the family and had no brothers. Many people have had the great fortune to be born into larger families. What if I was the youngest of 10 children? I believe I would be in a far better spot in life than I am now, because I was never a natural born leader.

Tim Allen was the youngest of 7, and look where that landed him!

For all we know, I could have become a great comedian if I was the youngest of 10. All vestiges of Asperger's Syndrome could have possibly been counteracted by the fact that I would have had 9 older siblings to learn everything from.

Have you ever heard of any youngest sibling of 5 or more who was Autistic/an Aspie, and very much remained one? Neither have I. When I hear of Autistic children, I don't hear of them being the youngest in large families. (Please prove me wrong if you know otherwise.) This is probably because these children who would have otherwise been Autistic/an Aspie became so blessed by the influence of their siblings' social skills that any vestige of Autism/Asperger's would have been erased.

Moreover, by the time I'm college-aged, I'd get to live in my brother's or sister's apartment when I start college, therefore my rent would only be a fraction of what I'm paying in reality. I wouldn't have to seek out strangers as potential roommates, something only mostly non-Aspies are good at.

Finally, if I landed in financial straits, my siblings would help me out. (Not necessarily by monetary handouts, as that would be asking too much, but probably by taking me in to live with them until I could pay my own rent again.)

But I'm the oldest of three, two of them being sisters aged 18 and 14. I'm expected to provide for them, when I may not be in the best situation to provide.

The burden is all on me to pass on the (Genki) family lineage

I have no brothers, and my parents cannot produce any more children. I should have begged for a brother when I was 9.

I have no male first cousins with the (Genki) family name. (Uncle Charlie's and Aunt Norma's kid has been put up for adoption, and his surname changed. Also, thanks to his mental health, his prospects of furthering the lineage aren't too bright anyway.)

I wish Uncle Steve would find himself a wife before it's too late because as he works a very successful job as an airport spokesman and lives in an upscale condo, that should catch the admiration of many great women, so he definitely has the potential to marry and have sons. I just wish he'd have the interest.

If I have any male second cousins with the (Genki) family name, I would not know of any, but I believe my great-aunt (grand-aunt?) (Mrs.) Camacho might. I wish she knew whether they were on Facebook so I could friend them as well.

(Continued on the Epilogue)

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  1. Tim Allen was one of my favourite actors when I was a small girl (1994-95), I had enjoyed him in Home Improvement.

    There is a man called Mark Foster, he is a sociologist. He teaches at a community college in your state, and he invented the concept neurelitism. Well, he didn't quite invent it, he observed it.

    Yes, I can understand the pressure to have the lineage, even though I am a female and I have only cousins (both guys and girls). Of the three female cousins on my tree, two have mental illnesses.

    What about Mao and his son with schizophrenia? He became an interpreter and translator. In that case, the Mao lineage NOT being held up was a good thing. The son I am talking about died VERY recently, 2007.