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My 25 facts (Strict 50-words-per-fact version) (Personal Entry)

My previous version got so long some of them started to have one fact per ENTRY. The idea is to keep them short, so I will also release a short version. Not all of them will be the same facts that I mentioned in my original 25 facts because what's the use in giving summaries for what I've already told you?

Each of my 25 facts here will have a strict, 50-word limit. I've already tagged 25 friends on my other series of 25 facts so I don't feel compelled to tag as many here.

(Note: If you have been tagged, please press CTRL+F and type your name to find where I mentioned you.)


I have unsolved goals from my teenage years, so I've largely not moved on, just like how a ghost sticks around and doesn't move to the next existence plane until they solve what they needed to from when they lived. Once those goals are solved, I'll feel more "teenage closure."


(First sentence truncated for T&C reasons). I also plan to copy my Facebook entries onto there because my Blogspot account feels more immortal than my Facebook account.


Naomi (Mimi) has unbreakable integrity! In my youngest sister's Kindergarten year, I finished her math packet and she erased it of her own free will without Mrs. Wieters telling her to. Also, I have NEVER made her laugh no matter how hard I've tried.


I don't know how old Mimi is mature on the inside, but looks-wise, I believe she could pass as a 7th grader while her friends Alyssa, Emma, and Jessica could pass as 10th or even 11th graders. (Sorry, Mimi!)


When Britany told me, "Because I was Very Much a freshman," I thought of the balloons unpopping at 2:16 in the video:


I’m inclined to publicly air distressful betrayals via blog-notes or status updates. If I knew I had more to lose, I'd substitute names with aliases and/or set privacy controls to let just a few friends read them. However, I’m all ears over better ways to solve them and move on.


A song played in my head when on The Ides of March, 2008, Luke helped me move (temporarily) out of my apartment before I left for Japan. If Life Had A Soundtrack, "GIVE ME 40 ACRES" played that night. Listen: (N.B.: BEWARE OF THE IDES OF MARCH!!!)


I believe that if cosmetic science keeps advancing and accelerating at its current rate, and I take anti-aging products then, I will look 20 when I'm 50. Or hopefully even younger. Or better yet, I'll come to terms with my life and not mind aging as I've been.


I want life to have a teleprompter. If I had a heads-up-display on my eyeglasses or contact lenses, I would not halt in mid-sentence to make sure I correctly say the rest because my responses will somehow be prepared and on the screen before I say it.


I graduated high school at semester to try and get more respect from my parents, show I've matured, and to inflate my ego. I've felt inadequate since and may take adult high school classes when I find the time, just to get a feeling of completeness and "teenage closure."


I wanted to grow up in Topeka or Salina. At least I would have been able to go to Chuck E. Cheese's, "The City," or the fun park with the go-karts every weekend. But WHY did I have to grow up in a town full of (virtually) NOTHING to do?


Good riddance to the tiny town that didn't help shape me into the guy I could have been. The tornado should have also hit MY old house; we'd have been done with it forever once our insurance paid us out. It'll require extensive renovations before it's fit for sale.


I used to play on Neopets to attempt to connect with my inner child, but they don't allow religious talk and are way too strict in other things. I've since been disenchanted by that disappointment of a "'family-friendly' site" now top-heavy with bureaucracy.


My first french-kiss was at age 11 with Valerie Bredhahl (sp?) of Fairfield, NE. Her mother managed a hotel we stayed at in Topeka. (Her handwriting looked like "Fairviewes" so when I searched an atlas glossary, the closest spelling I found was "Fairfield.") I cannot find her on Facebook.


I know two people from Harvard! ^_^ They are Chad and Albert.


I once tried to date a communist. Her name (aliased) was Si Miao "Cissi" Chienne. I guess I was too "democratic" for her own good! ;) Hey, at least I gave Communists a chance at me. Many of them return the favor but many others still aren't ready to yet.


I have great respect for my other sister Natasha. She really knows how to comport herself around others, and could already pass as a college student. In fact, she's already taken a few college courses. I wish she'd be my older sister instead because she already seems like one.


A ToastMasters question: "If you had only ONE wish, and could wish anything, what would you wish?" My answer: "One wish alone cannot wish away the rule against wishing for more, so I'd wish for a lab to invent a practical method to teleport people and cargo next week."


When I was little, I thought cremated people went to Hell because cremation pretty much describes "Hell-on-Earth.") I still hate the idea of burning bodies; they seem less resurrectable than buried bodies for when medical science advances far enough to be able to resurrect people who've been dead longer.


When I think of my final flight home from last August (a connecting flight from Denver to Wichita,) I think of (a church friend from Wichita) euphorically raising both arms up, heavenly clouds above, eyes closed and smiling, and the song "Thanks For The Buggy Ride." Listen: or


I don't want to read the old-fashioned way (i.e. on bound reams of dead trees) unless their content captivates exceptionally. Instead, I would much rather opt to find an online version of that book (or use a scanner) and have my laptop narrate it to me on a text-to-speech application.


After returning from overseas, I had originally planned to drive a rental car back home for the extra adventuring factor, but that entire trip would've cost several times more than a flight ticket. If I had the cash to drive back, I would've also visited Jordan Anderson along the way.


I hope to develop a practical method to retrofit existing streetlights with solar panels and (little) wind turbines. After recharging the battery inside the pole in the daytime (and even very windy nighttimes), the excess power will go to the grid and save money and the environment for us all.


Whenever I have a standalone house, I hope to fasten many solar panels on roofs and wind turbines around the yard so we sell to the grid instead. The wind turbines will be "my trees;" my future wife can do the biological work and plant real ones.


Instead of applying for mortgages that'll turn on you once laid off, I plan to live in a home made out of fireproof shipping containers. Each section is cheap and I can add more to accommodate a growing family. See:

(Epilogue: Contrary to what some of you may have thought, the URLs only counted as one word because anything without a space between is considered one word. Therefore, I stayed within the 50-word limit! =) )

Epilogue 2: I'm putting up some extra "bonus facts" below. (If you think they should replace a certain fact or two of the 25 facts, let me know which and I'll consider that.)

Extra #1:

Upon seeing that Xander Jeanneret wasn't my friend anymore, I thought of when Sarah Chandler's dog broke SBD wind in front of me and Chris Speirs while home-teaching at her house. (the dog’s stunk way worse than humans’.) I wonder how big the explosion would be if lit.

Extra #2:

I am counting on the hyped 12-21-2012 apocalypse to write off (wipe off) my student loans. Nothing like a cataclysm forcing me to live in a bomb shelter while not having to worry about debts anymore. If not the cataclysm, I’ll leave it up to God.

Extra #3:

I hope to get a long-term career in Korea. Hopefully I'll be employed by an American corporation and be paid in $USD. (The exchange rates for us are SPECTACULAR!)

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  1. I like your posts, because they are honest, and I read some of your older posts and I liked them as well, very sweet. You have come a long way in your writing since then.