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6-10/25 facts about myself. (Installments of five each.) (Personal Entry)

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I really, Really, REALLY hate when someone later uses my own words against me!


But I'll probably refute with the fact that I know better and will have found a better alternative. (Example: "Yeah, I said I wanted to be a trash collector when I was FIVE, but now I'd rather invent robots to do such jobs for us.")


Why do I keep thinking of "In My Merry Oldsmobile" when I think of 2009???




I seem to be told one thing in the past, and something else about the same thing in the present. Either I happen to be developing a hearing and memory problem, or some people forget about a lie they told me. How a liar is done in is that they often don't keep their lies consistent!


So for example, if (I thought that) someone told me months ago that the Toyota Yaris was an '07, then this last Saturday s/he said it's an '03, I would want to check the manufacture date on the VIN tag in the car's pillar to be sure it was only my faltering memory. (This is what a VIN tag looks like: )


But for other otherwise unverifiable statements, I would want to carry a secret recording device on my person and surreptitiously turn it on every time I talk to someone whom I suspect may be prone to lie, just in case I'm told different later. If I was sure that what they said wasn't the same as last time, I'd get to review their previous recording to check that. Unfortunately, since such a traditional spying tool costs as much as a cellphone, all I can do is record video on my cameraphone from inside my pocket, and hope it'll still pick up our conversation well. The drawback to recording video from cellphones is that they guzzle memory and battery power more than audio-only recordings do. I'd need to get some pricey, high-GB memory cards, and cellphones often only use one type of battery; I can't upgrade to a longer-lasting one. Therefore, I doubt I'll start that hobby anytime soon.


On a side-note, those said audio recordings, once uploaded to my PC, could be analyzed by vocal analysis software that'll tell me if vocal tremors were liars' tremors, just like an electronic polygraph.


But to be an optimist, maybe I'm just suffering from occasional memory problems, and will need to get medically tested. I'm sure it won't be Alzheimer's at my ripe old age of (College,) so all I might need is more sleep and a more balanced nutrition plan.


If you've seen me lack confidence, for a big reason behind that, see #1.


I was told that the last time lacking confidence was socially permissible was in Middle School. I sure do miss middle school. (Minus the "prying, a restrictive authoritarian" (codeword) in 7th grade, and the bullies. Oh, wait. I only let Jeremy Dossett {not on Facebook} bully me in 8th grade because I didn't want another situation to happen to me again.) So actually, I wish I'd have had a chance to go to a bigger middle school, and certainly will miss that.


Chris Karraker told me that Karate builds self-confidence from the yelling I'd get to make. (Tae-Kwon-Do is similar, except it's Korean and little other details.) Maybe if I can put that in my budget and time, I will take it. It's $50/month the last I heard, and I think their classes in my area are "all-ages." I'd feel royally awkward in a room full of 10-18-year-olds. If there were other college students there, I'd feel less so and maybe re-appreciate the strong youthful aura around me.


I'll try to feel good about myself, but to grow "thicker skin" (which is a metaphor for "to not mind rejection and emotionally damaging occurrences") to do so might be like wearing a Scandinavian fur coat in the summer, on Padre Island. Sure, you'll (literally) have "thicker skin" then, but how would you feel if you wore it there? Does it take dragging around loads of bad memories and the resulting emotional weight to have "thick skin?" I hope I wouldn't need those for that to happen. Look on the bright side: I don't have PTSD. How would I be like if I did???


I'm inherently more sensitive because of my personality "secret" mentioned in #1. Many with similar "personality shapers" to mine are often more sensitive, too. Which is why my "skin" is softer than those of other students in college.


A Megan from my church told me that when it comes to confidence, "it's all about faking it." When I fake it often enough, I forget that I am, so the fake turns REAL!


No, I've still not been to Padre Island, so I'm still 9/10ths of a "college party virgin." If students of my religious denomination can go down there, then so should I, whenever I get a real income and the savings it takes.

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