Monday, February 09, 2009

11-15/25 facts about myself. (Installments of five each.) (Personal Entry)

(Continued from "6-10/25 facts about myself. (Installments of five each.)" due to length.)

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I believe all Lampes should be powered by electricity. Our Lampe acts gasoline-powered, and gaslights were phased out by the 1910s thereabouts. You remember my "inside metaphors," Tim? I'm saying it again because on this public post, no one knows who/what/where I'm referring to when I refer to Lampe, what's happening here, and they don't need to know. Only you know. (And a few others who lived in our wing that year.)


Jordan, remember that "Takenoko" game? I think "Takenoko-takenoko nyoki-ki" was a pretty effective sleep-aid. There were four of you in the Missionary Apartment, weren't there? I'll bet if any of you had insomnia, you four would play that game to help you all fall asleep faster.


If anyone doesn't mean to make "Takenoko" a sleep-aid, they may make it marginally more exciting by changing the routine to "Noko of the Take, Noko of the Take... Nyoo-kii-kii... ICHI!"


I absolutely HATE the concept of "delivery."


(No, I want my pizzas brought here nice and hot. Meal delivery's fine.)


I mean the "Jon Braaten Version." Let's call it "Jon Braaten's Delivery." At Tim's bachelor party, I asked Jon, "So I heard a kid tell a pretty nice joke in middle school, and the ones he told it to, laughed; they truly enjoyed the joke. So I told the same joke to another group of kids, and the results weren't as good. I swear it was WORD-FOR-WORD, so why??"


Jon's answer: "It's all in the delivery." Another way to answer is, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it!"


Because of my personality "secret" (see #1,) it'll take more effort to get the delivery right. Sooner will I pass Discrete Mathematics (MATH 510; see here: ) than perfect conversational "delivery," especially of jokes.


On a side-note, I thought John spelled his name as "Jon." I guess just like we abandon certain nicknames from earlier years (no, you can still call me Java, you guys,) he must've reverted to "John." For something relevant: even though the other aspects of delivery are thrown out the window in textual correspondence, spelling is one aspect of "delivering" a message: I can still screw it up.


I should have ran away in 7th grade. If it weren't for the one particular faculty member, that part of middle school would have been far more enjoyable. I still have bitter memories and one unresolved issue from that year. (More will be elaborated upon in a future blog titled "My First Year of Hell: 7th Grade")


I was homeless from January to May 2005. More will be elaborated upon in a future blog titled "My Second Year of Hell: May 2004 - May 2005")

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