Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why I'm putting off Graduation (short version) (Personal Entry)

(This note is under 250 words long.)

I'd like to take college slow and mellow. I could take 15, or even 18 credit-hours, but I'll just stick with 12 for now. I'd hate to be a burnout disenchanted with my original goals, you know.

From this point, if I took 12 credit-hours each semester without intersessions in between, I'd have until Winter 2012 to finish my major. (I may take intersessions however.) The Mayan Calendar ends on 12-21-2012. The apocalypse may erase all debts while I survive in a bomb shelter somewhere, but I'll not bank on that. Many predictions turn out false.

Life expectancy rises every year. Why rush into so much at once? There’s plenty of time for many things.

I believe my stress tolerance is lower than most students', so that's why I don't wish to involve myself in too much at once. This is also why I’m taking the slow road to graduation.

Some suspect that job recruiters are more reluctant to hire candidates who took long to finish college, but I could cite financial reasons, and they may sympathize in that regard.

I believe my social and emotional intelligence cannot possibly be any older than 17. I think when it’s on par with a college senior’s, I’ll finally graduate.

Finally, Collegehood (or late adolescence) is hard enough; adulthood only gets harder. I grow too old too fast already. I want to stay young forever. This is also why I put off graduation.

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