Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Telkio Tales 1: A Roommate from Academy (Personal Gaming Entry)

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Recently, an old roommate of mine from academy decided to join in the cause. Sure, he may have had some nefarious tendencies before, but after a swarm of Diablo's minions killed and cursed one of his good friends unto the [[undead|unlife]], he decided to join our righteous noble cause, and turn his otherwise evil powers AGAINST evil.

Introducing Telkio Kayolara.

This [[necromancer]] is one hopeless necromantic. He knows how to summon and lead; I've known him as a natural-born leader since the day we first met.

Last I saw, he has built himself a necromanned platoon of 8 others: 3 Skeleton Warriors, 3 Skeleton Mages, 1 Clay Golem, and a Rogue named [[Elly]]. (She is of course the co-leader, lead-sidekick, or lead-assistant (however they're called,) being the only other fully flesh-and-blood being on Telkio's team. She has stuck beside him since the first day [[Kashya]] decided to hire her out to him. Word is they're drifting closer to one another and may soon fall in love! Whereas my contracts with them ended as soon as I traveled to my other adventures, it appears that their contracts have been amended to have them stay together no matter where they go, as long as the hireling stays alive and Telkio doesn't decide to change them up.

I can't believe he's able to get abundant extra help; Kayolara truly has the charisma and magic spells they need. I envy my former roommate; his platoon can attack-and-slash away the evil minions while he picks up gold and garbage and supplies his new lover extra potions to keep her in the fight. More than that, he can even distance-kill the demons with his [[Teeth]] spell.

Why did I have to major in the [[Paladin]] concentration? Why couldn't I have realized that [[Necromancy]] could also be used for heavenly causes and choose the path of the student [[Necromancer]] along with him??? In retrospect, being a Paladin sure is harder work! I hardly have time for rest while in the heat of battle, while Telkio can more or less sit back and watch his skeletal squad fight!

If only I had reconsidered from eating the enchanted Paladin Peach - a mystical fruit that academy graduates eat at their ceremony banquet that attunes them to Paladinship forever from that bite forward. When I think about it, the Necronectarine would have done me better - taste, quench and all.

I don't know if his skeleton-raising spells can raise more than three at a time, but as he learns new summoning spells, his postmortem platoon could soon become a bone-troop battalion.

I believe he will dispel evil from the world far better and faster than I can. Telkio has way too many blessings working for him! --[[User:ENG|ENG]] 23:56, 8 January 2009 (UTC)

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