Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some blessings are intangible. They still lead to tangible ones. (Personal Entry)

(Even though privacy settings are set to only allow viewing by church friends and former missionaries, I'm considering posting this testimony to the general public.)

The tithes I donated are good 'til the 15th. Then I asked, "Now, where's my blessing?"

I waited for them. I had some feeling in me that blessings may manifest themselves unexpectedly.

Well, when the current missionaries invited me to watch the CES Fireside at the main Marlatt branch Sunday evening, I said that if dinner was served there, then I'd go. Otherwise, if I was interested in watching it, I'd just watch a live video stream off the Internet. They still insisted, saying it's where I can get together with people.

That didn’t appeal so much because I knew I’m not as fond of meeting people as others are. (When I do, I feel compelled to be careful in what I say because if I'm too comfortable, I could say things and/or give off body language that could off-put. That's why Craig Henry once said I "appear to approach every social situation like a big ... exam." Failing an exam lowers my GPA score, which is hard to undo.. If I fail a social encounter, the resultant enmity/grudge could be hard to resolve.) My feelings are more sensitive than the usual college students’, (that is, I take social failures harder than others,) so that also factors into how I socialize.

At the same time, I don't like turning down the missionaries' requests; they're angelic the way they are, so I made a deal: I'd go only if someone gave me a ride. (Why spend the extra fuel to go to something I could just watch on my laptop?) She got Doug Harrison to take me.

About 6:45 that evening, I heard a truck pull up; I knew that was Doug because I know whether an engine sounds like a tenant’s, or an unfamiliar one. I told him my guess that the engine sounded like a Chevy truck. I was rather close; it was a GMC pickup, still made by the same company so I was practically correct.

The blessings

On the ride up to the church, I told him about how my loan situation may prevent me from becoming a missionary in time, asked him about what he does, and so forth.

Being a commissioned officer will pay off previous loans unlike merely enlisting.

First off, he said that becoming a commissioned Army officer gets my previous loans paid off, and to complete college first, I can set my contract so I don't do any actual officer work until a set # of years after signing it. Atop that, the Army will pay for all my college expenses! (The current ones atop my previous loans.) I was interested in the Navy or the Air Force; Doug said they have similar plans for their officers too.

I haven't had an asthma attack in a long time and they happen less often than in my childhood and teen years. I can get a physical done to determine that I have grown out of it, and then I'd be eligible to join.

Deferring loans while missioning

Doug also said I can get my student loans deferred before going on a mission. I suppose if I can produce documentation proving I'll be missioning, then the lenders may defer. Therefore, it looks like I may mission someday soon after all!

Not having many years left to sign up and train, I can repay my one credit card debt easily enough and start the process.

It looks like I'll pay a visit to Financial Aid and the mall's recruitment center one of these days!

Advice is an intangible blessing, but when they lead to very tangible ones, they may as well be treated accordingly. Let's see what blessings next month's tithes will procure. That is my testimony.

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