Friday, January 16, 2009

The Future of the Sanitation Industry

If I'll ever have anything to do with the Sanitation Industry, it'll probably be in developing androids and autonomous garbage trucks to do the sanitation work for us.

Everyone deserves better than to work such a dirty job!

The self-driving truck ideally will have an "unauthorized waste scanner."

It will look for:

  • Mercury-positive refuse (used-up CFL bulbs)
  • Arsenic
  • Recyclables
  • Other pollutants not meant to be disposed of in a landfill
  • Suspicious items (guns still in perfectly-working order; a criminal could have disposed of one right after a crime.)
  • Much more refuse not permitted to be thrown away the conventional way.

Then the androids sort them accordingly per their programs' instructions.

If the scans turn up weapons (including non-projectile weapons with fresh blood) and bodies in a dumpster, an automatic is sent to a local law enforcement precinct.

When might this arrive?

What else do you have to add on how the sanitation industry will operate in this future?

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