Thursday, August 14, 2008

What not to say at a job fair (Personal Entry)

Pay particular notice to 1:47-1:58 on this video:

She asks a headhuntress, at a JOB FAIR of all places, if there are any openings at her company!

No wonder she keeps looking from booth to booth! If a company didn't have any openings, why would they even set up a kiosk there in the first place???

I'm sorry, but I just had to post this! This is a warning to anyone looking for a job NOT to ask if they have a job opening while at a job fair! (Even college students make these slip-ups once in a while.)

You can ask them that question if you call or visit them at the actual job site, but they may usually put up a "NOW HIRING" banner if they do have openings. Some don't, so if they don't, you could look in the newspaper's wanted ads first before asking them.

(PS: A more intelligent question I would like to ask here is: "How many positions do you have open right now?")

What questions can you think of that a candidate should never ask in certain places?

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