Monday, May 19, 2008

Found cheaper Collagen... (& about self-confidence w/ or w/o it) (Personal Entry)


This note is something to get off my chest. If I needed to unwind and bring my thoughts into the open through a note, I'll usually do it by explaining a lot. I rarely post short notes anymore. Some will really read it all the way through (like Chris Karraker here,) while others will probably not care for it unless it's short, sweet, and to the point.

If I'm posting to get something off my chest, I'll not have much regard to how long, exciting, and organized the note is. (Sometimes I'll still organize it anyway.) What's not exciting to some is exciting to others so "exciting" is subjective. On the other hand, if I post for a different reason, chances are, the note will be arranged and put together differently.


I went to a basement shop in Sumiyoshi's shopping mall with the roofed over streets, and there I found a cheaper version of Fracora. I was rash to think I was even considering buying that, at ¥420 per 50ml bottle!

This product I found is made by Lotte, and not only does it have 10000mg (10g) of Collagen, it also has 1000mg (1g) of Vitamin C. A bundle of six 200ml bottles sells for 980 yen. That is ¥163.33 per bottle.

Of course the collagen isn't as dense in these Lotte bottles since they're exactly 4x bigger, but let's consider the ¥ per milligrams of Collagen. In a bottle of Fracora, that's 23.81 milligrams of Collagen per Yen. In contrast, a bottle of Lotte's collagen drink has 61.22 milligrams of Collagen per Yen.

Can you imagine that I would've spent ¥4200 yen for 100g of Collagen?? Whereas for the same amount of that youth-giving substance in Lotte's drink, I spent just ¥1633.33! That's just 38.88% of Fracora's price. What a great deal! It feels like the Bargain of the Decade if you ask me.

At least the bigger bottles will contribute to quenching my thirst longer than the Fracora bottles would have. More beneficially, they're plastic so they're not as fragile as the glass Fracora bottles would've been. Imagine stuffing them in my bag and having to deal with the mess later. Unlikely with these plastic bottles.

For some time, I decided to abandon that Collagen Quest, thinking any bottle of it would've been too expensive. Some classmates told me that self-confidence is the better key to many wonderful things than looking younger.

I remain on that quest of self-confidence as vigilantly as before, もちろん (of course.) It ought to be okay to quest after self-confidence and looking younger at the same time. Is it really not?

When I found a more generic Collagen drink for a much lower price, this opportunity was too irresistible to pass up. I had to try it and see if anything would happen. After 16 Lotte bottles over the past week (of the 18 that I bought), right now, I'm "between" noticing and not noticing a change in appearance. I think, "Does my face look more radiant now, or does its radiance just fluctuate like that all the time? I didn't notice before but then again, I don't notice plenty of small details until I look for them."

Perhaps Collagen doesn't have much effect on people my age? Of course I expected diminished effect, since I'm still college aged, and therefore to eventually look 8 years younger, which is all I wanted, but so far, the expected effects appear to be less than I even thought.

Or they'll just take longer than I expect? Some medicines and nutritional supplements do take a long time to take effect so collagen may too.

Now back to the thoughts about some friends' responses on my last note- One of them said that Self-Confidence means still feeling good about oneself despite others' opinions. Not letting other people's let-downs, insults, discouragements, put-downs, etc. make you think you're inadequate somehow.

It's easier to still feel good about yourself when you get some let-downs thrown your way, but what happens when too many of these have hammered you in the past??? That self-confidence erodes, don't you think? How does one expect self-confidence to strengthen in the face of abundant negativity towards them?

Chris K. also told me about how the kids in Karate are supposed to yell hard when "kiyapping" which helps reinforce self-confidence. Now I know I should've never dropped Karate in 6th Grade. Thanks to Chris's wise words, I may consider participating in the Aikido club (similar to Karate) when I return to K-State. Let us hope they have us yell the same way. As soon as I learn of anything that builds self-confidence, I'll certainly consider it.

Even though I'll not need collagen as much as self-confidence (when it comes to social issues anyway,) when I consider the physical issues, that's a bonus to your health. I read that it softens your blood, and bolsters the health of other vital parts of your body. Therefore, I'll still drink more of it, though more for (if "if only for" doesn't sound right) that. For more details, read .

I ought to "hit the sack" now. If you managed to read it all, I don't know what to say other than "More Power To You?"

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