Tuesday, November 07, 2006

1.3-Megapixel phones in the US, 9.0-Megapixel phones in Korea???

What I hope for is a phone with a camera GREATER THAN 1.3 Megapixels! I've been told that no phone in existence greater than 1.3 MPs cannot work anywhere in America.

Europe and East Asia is so far ahead with their cellphones, why doesn't anyone bring these to the US in order to reverse-engineer them for domestic cellphone providers?

What I've heard about Korean cellphones is that you can watch TV and movies in them, camcord in them really well, and when taking still photos, their peak resolution is 9.0 Megapixels! I'm like, "Oh sheesh, we ought to have that!" We don't. Something is keeping the common citizenry of the world's foremost superpower from getting the latest and greatest in mobile communications technology.

I'm planning on and hoping to live in South Korea after graduating college and may mail one of their (yes, you guessed it) latest & greatest phones back to the US to give to family members and see if any of the mobile service providers can get it to work here or at least reverse-engineer it if they can't, in order to start making their own phones as good as their Korean counterparts.

Another thought: Perhaps other domestic mobile service providers are able to sell cameraphones with greater resolutions than 1.8 MPs but the Alltel representative who told me the contrary probably didn't want to disclose this because he did not want to be responsible for losing a customer.

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