Monday, August 30, 1999

Telling About Myself (Retro Personal Entry)

Dear Journal,
Hi, my name is Christian (surname). I'm 14 and
a new years baby. My hobbies are: wrestling,
video game playing, and rollerblading.
I mostly like playing strategy and flight
simulators, racing, and car combat. I also
occasionally play 1st person shooters.
The playing I love the most is playing
online games with other people online.
I have bodyguards which will promise me a good
time in highschool and not let any one ruin it for
me. My past was bad enough and I don't need
any more trouble to ruin the present and
future. How we get along with kids
and parents determines my grades most
of the time. Bad attitudes and remarks from
classmates ruins my concentration on work
and keeps me preoccupied about it. They should
know about it and also know that it will happen
to them, too. I'm hoping to go to KSU and
became a video game programmer.

Teacher Comment: You're off to a good

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