Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Person I most admire (Retro Personal Entry)

Dear Journal,
There are several people I most admire.
I might not be able to list all of them, but
here goes! There's a short junior who's
all my sister's height but twice my sister's
age. I like short girls pretty much, but I hope
she meets juniors instead of 4th graders
if she moves to a new place. There
are several 7th graders which I think
are the cutest chics in the county (or
even in the state!) Their legs are made
of gold and are very thin. I wish
I'd think that in the 7th grade!
And finally, there's J.J. Neubauer.
I liked her a little in the 3rd grade, but
it was only the 3rd grade. She moved
to Salina, and I like her a lot more
now! I just hope she moves back here
and goes to high school so I can like
her again! I liked her the most
because she was a chic and wore
those cute tights!

Teacher made a check mark at the top of the journal entry.

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