Wednesday, October 18, 1995

5th grade journal 2 (Retro personal entry)

(This is a transcription of journal entries from long before I started this blogsite. This one is from 5th grade.)

October 18, 1995
Dear journal,
In are old school we got are lunch by putting are
lunch cards in the credit card catalog. Now I am
so surprised to take care of the lunch tickets.
About Shawn Brooker (sic; Shaun Brooker), That's the boy I like the
most and want to make friends the most. But he
doesn't like me but I like him. Did he change
his personality, increase his violence and always get
in trouble with new students? He is an ATTM.
(All time trouble maker.) He must end up in the
administration center! I tried to forgive him, but
he didn't forgive me back. I think he needs a punishment
from god because he is non-friendly. Nick (Nick Winters) has to be
beaten up too. These kids hurt our feelings. They should
see the principal.

(Retro Note: I was never gay. The way I worded this entry just made me sound like a homosexual. 5th graders may have a tendency to sound like a different type of person by mistake.)

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