Friday, October 06, 1995

5th grade journal 1 (Retro Personal Entry)

(This is a transcription of journal entries from long before I started this blogsite. This one is from 5th grade.)

October 6, 1995
Dear Journal,
Yesterday was my first day at this new school. I like this school
because this school is a lot bigger than my old school.
My old school teachers were Mrs. Sandborn, Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Schuler,
Mrs. Jury, Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Weller. My old school was built

(Retro note: The full names of my teachers were:
Janice Sanborn, Kindergarten (although Mrs. Katie Wieters was her student-teaching assistant that year)
Velda Becker, 1st grade
Sally Schuler, 2nd grade
Renee Jury, 3rd grade
Joan Dawson, 4th grade
Cecilia Weller, 5th grade

All of the above teachers taught at Chapman Elementary, a school I went to during most of my childhood. Sadly, that school was destroyed by a tornado in June 2008, along with the middle and high schools and a great portion of Chapman.)

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