Thursday, May 09, 2019

Son of W.A.Y. parody: My Manager Brooke

  • My Manager Brooke

    • Contrafactum of "Daddy Says No" by Haschak Sisters
    • This contrafactum is to go over my manager Brooke Thrasher from Jimmy John's (my employer from March to July 2019), the kind of person and manager she is, how she gets along with me and everybody else there, and so on.
    • - Brooke's old Twitter account (last post tweeted in September 2011)
  • Music video ideas
    • A montage of pictures and possibly videos of Brooklyn Thrasher are to be shown in this music vid.
    • As budgets improve, a lookalike actress may be hired to portray Brooke, unless she agrees to portray her 2019 self in Jimmy John's uniform, if she no longer works at Jimmy John's as of the time she gets hired to portray herself. She would be paid well for her acting, and her portrayal as a manager would be as one would expect a Jimmy John's shift manager to act.
  • Lyric ideas

    • (To be penned sometime.)

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