Monday, September 03, 2018

Son of W.A.Y. parody: The Ballad of Brian Goodwin

  • The Ballad of Brian Goodwin

    • Parody of "Zion's Daughter" by Boney M
    • Alternate Titles: "The Ballad of Brian G" and "The Ballad of Brian G-Win"
    • This ballad is to go over the needy neighbor who lives with Carissa upstairs from my apartment (as of September 2018) and what he has done in my life, or even to my life. 
  • Music video ideas
    • An actor portraying Brian Goodwin is to act out the scenes and moments that I remember about him; that are significant enough to be in the music video in the first place.
  • Lyric ideas
    • Somewhere in the lyrics the line must occur: "Oh, I have heard you, the first forty times!" This was when I suggested that he make other friends too so that he doesn't have to rely on only me to do stuff for him all the time.
    • The ballad must describe the numerous times he's asked me for money (and only paid me back once), the times he's asked me for rides, even at inconvenient times, and etc.
    • The ballad ought also to mention somewhere how most of his teeth have rotted away (due to "bad enamel") although he drinks alcohol very frequently, and has had sugary drinks pretty often for about all his life, which would contribute to tooth decay and tooth loss.
    • Somewhere in the ballad must also mention the fact that he wears plastic dentures that, when they turn yellow, he tries to re-whiten them by lighting a lighter's flame to them, despite the fact that better solutions (like Polident), baking soda, whitening toothpaste, and etc. also exist.

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