Sunday, June 18, 2017

Son of W.A.Y. parody: Geumsusan Mausoleum

  • Geumsusan Mausoleum
    • Parody of "Pokemon Gym Theme" by Junichi Masuda (Game Freak)
    • The contrafactum is to expound on the Geumsusan (Kumsusan) Mausoleum, its exhibits and reason for visiting there.
  • Music video ideas
    • Images and clips of the inside and outside of the Geumsusan Mausoleum are to be shown in the music vid.
    • A bigger music videography budget would allow for an on-location film shoot, post-Korean Reunification.
  • Lyric ideas
    • A Korean translation of this contrafactum ought to be made at some point.

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