Saturday, October 08, 2016

Son of W.A.Y. parody: Your Attempts To Avoid Social Missteps

  • Your Attempts To Avoid Social Missteps
    • Alternate / sub-title: It Seems That Your Attempts To Avoid Social Missteps, Are Causing 70-80% Of Your Social Missteps
    • Parody of "Navy Seal Copypasta" (Warning: Profanity-laced!)
  • Music video ideas:
    • Music video must show a conversation between a lookalike actor of 2013 me (unless I can successfully restore my looks to as I had appeared that year) and a lookalike actor of 2013 Austin Whiteley (unless Austin is interested in a music video acting gig and can restore his appearance to the way he appeared in Fall 2013.) 
    • The conversation would preferably be sung, though if that's not possible for some weird reason, they can converse (in the normal way) shortly before the start of the music video.
  • Lyric ideas:
    •  2013 me discusses with 2013 Austin how "I'm" afraid of making another social misstep in an environment where students judge each other too quickly and jump to conclusions without giving the target a chance to prove the kind of person they really are, so I must be careful around these students by working harder to avoid social missteps.
    • Then he tells me to calm down, relax and not even think about it, nor worry about how other people think, because nobody can ever please everybody anyway, and that "it seems that your attempts to avoid social missteps, are causing 70-80% of your social missteps."

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