Thursday, September 08, 2016

Creative Writing Group challenge: If I made a small business, how would I make & run it?

This small business would be the master-stalk of many other small businesses.

After I earn some revenue making interesting videos on YouTube, I could start a second small business arm: Making self-manufacturing robots.

These mini-robots would be made by a 3D Printer, and once enough robots are made, they could network with each other, forming a "hive-mind." They could also hook onto each other to assemble a bigger robot body out of mini-robots.

Once they all get printed and assemble together into a humanoid figure about 3 1/2 feet tall (the size of a 5 year old), I would link them to my online stores that sell mini-robots and pre-self-assembled figures made out of connected mini-robots. (That is after I learn how to program and code.)

When someone places an order, my robot's hive-mind would instantly receive this notification, then program the 3D-printer to print the order, and once printed, pack up the order, add postage and switch to messenger-mode: Deliver it to the post office and place it in the mail.

This level of artificial intelligence will become reality in the next decade. When robot brains network together, if enough of them do, they will have the required artificial intelligence to assist my business.

I may even program them to help me with my other moneymaking endeavors, but hopefully, I'll also teach them to program their own code so I can focus on other aspects of running this business while my robotic assistant(s) increasingly help themselves and perform the gruntwork.

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