Friday, May 13, 2011

Amazon's live-chat tech supporters are AWESOME at what they do!

ChatEnd Chat

You are now connected to Jason from

Me:I'll tell you in chat.

Ok, I cannot find the text-to-speech feature in the PC Kindle.

I figured that if the original had a text-to-speech, then the PC version had better have one too.

How do I enable it?

Jason:Hello, my name is Jason. I am with Amazon Kindle Support. I'll be happy to help you!

Me:If not, is there a separate "extension" I can download for Kindle to enable text-to-speech?

I have problems reading manually, so text-to-speech functionality would be a godsend for me. Thanks.

Jason:I'm sorry text-to-speech isn't working for you.

Let me see how to get that working for you.


Jason:In order to

Sorry. Didn't mean to send that yet.

In order to get the screen reader, you will want to download the Accessibility plugin for your Kindle for PC.


Jason:The link above should take you to a download for the plugin.

Me:WOW, 231 megabytes!

Larger than the K4PC itself... how come??'s a big plugin.

It actually has a screen reader though. So even books without text-to-speech can be read aloud.

Me:At least I'm downloading a 231 MB file in 2011, and not 2001. (We had a 56 kbps 'net connection that year. Imagine how long THAT would take!)

Jason:I remember!

It was a simpler time.

Me:LOL, in a few ways, but in others, quite more complex.


Me:Even though my vision is adequate, it helps me multitask with chores and other needed things in life. I hated being forced to do nothing else when I had to read. (That's why I would forgo reading some materials entirely.)

Well, it's past 55 MB, so I'll be looking forward to its arrival.

And at least I don't have to pay for it.

Now here's a BIG question:

Jason:Is there anything else I can help you with today?


Me:When we go through the Install Menu of our K4PC, why doesn't it, right then, give the option to download the accessibility plugin so that we wouldn't have to chat to you to find it?

Jason:That is a good question. It may have to do with the sheer size of the file. I will pass that question along to our Kindle development team to see if there is a reason for that.

I would think the option to download it would be reasonable.

Me:At least it would be given in the form of a checkbox; if we don't prefer to download, then we don't select. No one would object being offered that option, so please pass it along.


Me:It is a money saver, after all, given the fact that it would free up labor costs (of chatters like you) towards helping people with bigger issues than mine. So I hope with my utmost that they will offer that option in the next update.

Okay, it's past 140 MB, so as soon as I get to install it, hope it works, and I'll be chatting with one of you again if it doesn't.

Jason:I will email that request to them. We actually are able to get things added per customer suggestion, so I really appreciate your feedback.

Definitely. If you have any trouble installing it, let us know. We'll be happy to help.

Me:Ok, sounds awesome.

Thanks a lot Jason. Hope it all goes well!

Jason:You're welcome! Thank you for shopping with I hope you have a great weekend!

Me:you too.

Jason from is OnlineSecure Connection.


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