Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leadership Practicum Journal - 1st Installment

So far, the leadership opportunities at this point of the semester are just beginning or have yet to begin.

  • K-State Wesley
    • My Donation Checklist that I plan to submit to Mike Toluba is still in-progress, and will altogether take over 2 hours to finish.
    • In our Thursday Night Men's Groups, we rotate our leading roles. I am due to lead it next Thursday night at 8:00. I haven't yet thought of how to follow through as well as the others have thus far, but I hope I can concoct a winning strategy by then, as I have 6 days to do so. Mike Finnegan Jr. could provide suggestions when I see him on Thursday Morning.
    • Every now and then, K-State Wesley does indeed staff tables at the Union, and I hope to get the memo of when they will, so that I can join and help further the causes we pitch.
    • I will be an impromptu "Environmental and Conservation Advisor" by keeping a lookout for utilitarian inefficiencies (non-aerated faucets, etc.) in order to help minimize Wesley's carbon footprint and utility bills. 
      • I may even push for initiatives helpful for the environment, like the procurement of environmentally-sound household cleaners. 
      • A long term goal is to make the campus ministry center LEED-certified. 

  • Powercat Toastmasters
    • I am a Treasurer, so I hope to keep all the finances in check somehow. 
    • As everyone else in the club though, we critique each others' speeches, and critiques are a part of leading.
    • Every now and then, we may have officers' conferences in Topeka on weekends, so that is where we can further polish our leading capabilities.
    • I hope to keep posting ads on Craigslist and other free venues so that we can bring more potential members to our meetings. At this point in the history of our chapter, we will accept ANYBODY from within a reasonable radius of Manhattan, student or not.
    • Every time we are critiqued and compare one another, we polish our public speaking skills just a little more each time.

  • Ecumenical Campus Ministry's Poverty Simulation in Louisville, KY
    • I attended 1 1/2 info meetings about the trips in late January, and have set my heart on the "Poverty Simulation."
    • During this alternative Spring Break trip, we will be made to give up our luxuries: Laptops, cellphones, and other valued personal effects.
      • However, we can have and use them on our way to and from there, but just not at the destination.
      • This will be the first time in my memory that I have ever gone without my laptop for over 24 hours.
    • We will team up into several teams and brainstorm ways to make the best out of a poor situation.
      • This simulation will even include having to skip meals so we will need to innovate ways to adapt.
        • One possibility I have already thought of is packaging some meals into a box or container (or wrapping in napkins), in case we need to skip our next meals.
    • We may also renovate poor families' homes around the vicinity.
    • In providing ways to make the best of a poor situation, if I do so innovatively and effectively enough, then I will exercise useful leadership.

  • Study Abroad Advocates/Mentors
    • The first meeting starts this next week.
    • We will get to advise prospective study abroad students on what to do once at a given destination, how to best live while there, and other tidbits of advice.
    • We will recommend places that fit their needs and desires.
    • We will staff Union tables and organize fundraisers and events.

I hope for the short-termable goals and activities up above to all be done in 90 days. Also in 90 days, I can envision myself being more mature as a leader after going through all those experiences, and more mature overall.

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