Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Items posted on marker board, Part I

Normally, I would take a picture of what's on the marker board, but since my digital camera is out of service, I have to digitally archive the text in a different way:

Black: Peanuts taste good!!
Orange: :) Be happy
Green: Leaving quotes is like leaving graffiti!!
Blue:Whoever lives here is REALLY COOL!
Red: Have a wonderful day! ^_^
Purple: Thanks for being our friend ^_^
Red and purple superimposed over one another: ALOHA (Hawaiian flower graphic)
Red: It's a wonderful day! (in cursive, and with elaborate, curly garden-like borders on 3 sides, and a flower with flying petals on the top right.)


  1. Lovely stuff, and a useful counter to the passive-aggressive notes.

    It's wonderful to get a Sharpie (or similar marker) and write on the board.

    (Have you ever tried writing on a window with a gel pen?)

  2. Adelaide, I thought you were in Cambridge, UK. Why are you in Melbourne now? Thanks for your responses. Nice to see you again.