Sunday, January 17, 2010

What are your plans when Dechronification comes along?

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When Dechronification (likely to be referred to colloquially as "Age-Reversion Therapy") comes along for a reasonable price, I will revert down to 15. That is of course, if an age-reversion device cannot edit my height (6'0" with shoes on.)

Then I suppose once A.R.T. becomes advanced enough to also change our heights, I will revert down to perhaps 7 1/2.

I expect this clinically immortalizing medical advance to arrive by my retirement years (still in college at present) so retirement will be the best time to be a kid again. (If A.R.T. arrives while I'm still working, I suppose I'll revert to 20 so that co-workers and etc. will still take me seriously.)

There comes the legal red tape of needing to submit birth certificates to enroll in real schools, so that probably won't be an option for a dechron (age-revertee), but holodecks and other forms of immersive virtual reality will allow for digital schools that feel every bit like the real deal, and the multiplayer environment will have you other age-revertees for your classmates.

(Remember though, as goes without saying, only your body reverts. Your mind keeps the accumulations of all your life experiences.)

Now, what are YOUR plans for when Age-Reversion Therapy comes along? How old do you plan to revert to, and why? What plans do you have for once you've reverted?

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  1. Love the idea of digital schooling for age-revertees.

    I haven't decided to be a particular age yet.

  2. Don't worry, no one takes you seriously anyway, no matter what age you are or pretend to be. And they never will.