Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going on Missions - comparisons between two churches

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To go on missions

I originally came to the LDS church because I was thrilled with the prospect of going on a mission someday. For a long time, I had assumed that the church paid for all the mission expenses during the whole two years.

I also learned that the upper age limit was 27, so I didn't have much time to prepare.

Eventually, when I learned that we had to save up and pay our own way, I became disillusioned from this prospect. This way, it would be the same as if I moved to Korea for any other reason and became an unofficial 3rd missionary who tagged along with a pair. I still stayed with the LDS for a while longer because of its other appealing factors and the prospect of being a 3rd missionary in Korea like I mentioned above.

Then I learned a little about how missions are done through UCC

From what I've observed, whole families can go on missions through UCC, and their members appear to have somewhat more leeway in where they choose to go. (On the other hand, within the LDS, only college-aged, able-bodied members and retirees can go on missions, and someone else chooses where their assignments will be.)

As far as I know, there appears to be no age limit to go on a mission through UCC. Even minors can go on one, just so long as they go with their families, to where their families serve.

I think I won't mind the format of how missions are done through my new church. Their restrictions, etc. are evidently a bit more relaxed than LDS missions are. (I couldn't stand staying off the Internet for two full years anyway.)

Therefore, next time I'm at UCC, I should find and speak to a mission coordinator there and ask them if they send their members to Korea. Even if I can't raise the money myself, the UCC has a missionary fund to help their way through, and most of all, there is no age deadline!

This is the page on UCC's Missions Ministry.

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  1. Like the comparisons, though I knew very little about the University Christian Church.

    I also like the idea of family missions.