Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Second Childhood: Prologue (Page 11)

                           “Like I said, it sounded very serious. We need to leave now!” Everyone got dressed and loaded into the van. In about fifteen minutes, they were at the hospital.
The nurse was expecting the family. “Are you the family of an Marcus Michael Shuttles the Third?”
“Yes! HOW IS HE?”
“We almost lost him in the ambulance. He flatlined a bit, but we brought him back. He’s in a pretty deep coma. I’ll bring you up to his intensive care unit.”
                At Marc’s bedside was another EKG that pulsed slowly and soothingly. The steady beeps of the machine provided a calming effect for the Shuttles family. Chris, attempting to hold back tears, pointed out, “I saw this coming, you all. He didn’t join a dry fraternity instead when he could have. More than that, he prayed in the harshest manner I’ve heard in my life, just this evening. I knew God wouldn’t take too kindly to his words.” The family talked amongst one another for the rest of the night, and stayed at Marc’s bedside through the early morning. The New Years festivities were canceled.
                The following morning…

This short story is the Prologue of a planned larger work. Chapter 1, which was the subject of an informal workshop, was released on the first week of December 2009. Click here to move onto Chapter 1.

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