Monday, November 23, 2009

Yesterday morning's events gave me a potential new T-shirt design idea

Do you know of the custom T-shirt designing studio in Aggieville? If you've lived in Manhattan (Little Apple) long enough, I'm sure you do! Thanks to what happened Sunday morning, I may come to them with the following slogans:


* Please find it in your Spirit-filled heart to forgive.
* You DO remember what forgiveness is, do you?
* Give people a chance to refute their actions, sometimes by reminding them of what (specifically) to refute.
* If they want to restore good terms with you, please do the same for them.


*Top Center* (My blogsite's URL)

* (A Bible/BoM verse specifically foretelling that calamities may happen to people who refuse to forgive; I'll find that later.)
* (A Bible/BoM verse specifically commanding followers to tell their siblings (in Christ) what wrongs they've committed, so they'll know that the specific action they did was sinful, and I suppose what to refute and/or apologize for; I'll find that later.)

Brian and Kevin, would you please critique that shirt proposal?

Also, if I started wearing that around fellow Ward members one day, what would they think? What would some, ahem, 
contentious members think? And after finding out that this shirt was made for them?

Later on, I hope to link to a purchasing page for this T-shirt, from my blogsite. Maybe it'll catch on to the online populace sometime so that it helps me pay off some serious tuition! I'll pray to that.

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