Thursday, October 15, 2009

K-State is so kind, even strangers look out for one another! (Personal Entry)

On October 9th, I parked my bike at Leasure Hall to go up to my tutoring session. When I came back down after concluding it, a note was left on my bike basket. It read:

"Hey this is kind of weird but I rode by and someone was looking thru the stuff in this basket. When I rode by again, the stuff was gone. If it was just you getting your stuff, sorry for the confusion. If not & your stuff was stolen, you could call me 913-220-7*** since I possibly saw it."

As I put the note in my pocket, I thought, "Wow, fellow Wildcats do really care for one another after all, don't we?" I rode happily to my next destination.

In the meantime, I wonder how it is with the Jayhawks an hour and a half east of us.

Later, as I shopped at Wal-Mart, I texted her back. The message was:

"When you left a note in my bike's basket, did the guy have black hair & a teal raincoat? If so, that was just me, so I appreciate your concern. Thank you for..."

Then my 160-character allotment ran out, so I continued:

"...for reassuring me that through the concern of strangers, this campus is safe. & I'm not missing anything today. Again, thanks & have a good weekend."

These were her responses:

"Yes alright that makes me feel better


"No problem. u too "

A few moments of concern from a stranger named Emily was the kindest act I have ever seen done to me in a long time! That day, I just placed my trapper keeper and a sheet of paper or two on my bike basket on the way to the tutoring center, and that's what she saw me take out of the basket.

Would you care to share with us random acts of kindness from total strangers having happened to you on your college campus or work-site? That day's event really helped raise my morale for my life at K-State in general. I love it when people are so kind around here.

These may be the last two semesters that I will enjoy a kind campus because I may enter the Navy's training academy after this summer, and their "student life" (recruit life) will be nothing like ours! I must enjoy every moment and small act of kindness that I can while still at K-State.


  1. This is a type of personal story I haven't gotten a lot of lately. By that I mean I've read a lot of sarcastic essays (mainly because that's what I write). I think it is great how you noticed one of the little things in life that phase the rest of us. Most of us drift through life, having only our personal betterment in mind. We need to take more time to look out for one another and we'd all be better off!

  2. It's great to see random acts of kindness done because it seems more and more rare that these things happen. I've heard from others that the K-State campus is one of the nicest campuses they've been on and while doing tours of colleges, etc, ours had the nicest people etc. I'm glad nothing got stolen, because while reading, I thought that was going to be the outcome. You should "pass it on" and do a random act for someone else!

  3. Your voice in this little piece is great. You mirror the sincerity of the random stranger in the sincerity of your thoughts. I like the fact that you include the text of the text message as well as slide in the little description of yourself. I wonder why you wonder if there is the same niceness at KU. That seems like a random thought. Is there background/purpose we readers don't know?

  4. You will NEVER make it into the Navy or any other branches of the armed forces. Background checks are a bitch.

    P.S. Ever heard of "copywrite?" The thing you're violating all over the place?

  5. Anonymous, I gave credit to the authors of the short stories that aren't mine. If I still get a legal warning letter, then I'll take them down.

    Background checks - I've only got speeding tickets. The only thing I'll have to worry about now is to clear my bill of health. Sure, you might be referring to background health checks then.