Saturday, September 05, 2009

What a night tonight! Got to see an old friend play lead guitarist. (Personal Entry)

I had to bring my sister to buy some necessities tonight, so that's why we were at Wal-Mart. (Let's hope she learns to drive as soon as she finds a nearby job. I'd hate to be her personal concierge service all the time.)

That's where I decided to buy myself a better stopwatch. When I was at the express checkout, good man Sam came up to me and said that he had a gig at O'Malley's Bar tonight at 10. I expressed unsureness in going, and we parted ways for the time being. He sported some kind of trendy beard. There must be a name for it, but I'm not a hair aficionado so I wouldn't know what his style is called.

It was shortly after 10 PM, and I thought of his playing in a band, so I decided to bike on down and check him out. He and his band was out back, and so was some kind of outdoor bar stand, so I ordered "something virgin" (for all you alcohol-haters out there.) The bartender gave me Cranberry sauce mixed with 7UP.

There I got to see Sam play. All the music he and his band did, I never heard before but even though when it comes to hearing, I'm more toward the sensitive side, the tunes were pretty darned good. He really knew what to do in all of them. I mean, how can someone memorize so many songs? It's like an entire MP3 player is locked in his head!

Well, my drink ran out, so I went inside to get a $2.00 "Virgin Mary." A bartender asked, "How spicy you want it?" I said, "Make it as spicy as you can get!" Tabasco sauce, "celery salt," and who knows what else was put in, and I went back to chug it all down. Of course, I did spend the next half-hour chewing on ice.

I think I sabotaged the start of a good friendship! Or would it have been good?

The boys' restroom didn't have a lock, and I didn't appreciate it, so I went to Jimmy John's next door, where there was one on it and the place was much quieter and cleaner. After I went back to the O'Malley's back area, I had to cut through two people, a guy with zz-top hair (if that's what it's called,) ripped sleeves, and tattoos on a good portion of his arms & torso, with some quasi-goth-looking gal. The gal was offering to shake his hand, then suddenly retracted it, because she was letting me pass. Right before I passed, he snarled, "DID YOU F4RT?" He took her retraction the wrong way. Then when he saw me pass, I didn't hear what he said next but he must've been repentant because after I sat down, I witnessed him trying to shake her hand, and she didn't.

I didn't know I could destroy potential friends like that! But then again, what if the guy would've been abusive and/or an overall bad influence? Maybe I was sent by an angel or whatever unseen higher power you want to name, in order to stop a bad relationship from starting!

I made an Everclear song request

I witnessed the band play an Everclear song, which I forgot the name of by now, but it unearthed a DEEP memory of a song I used to listen to over and over again back in high school: "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom."

That's when I went back to Jimmy John's, found something useful to write with, and wrote on their paper bag,

"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom"
Can you play it NOW?

Then one of their songs eventually ended, and the band went to take a brief break. I asked Sam if he knew that song. Neither he nor the other members knew it. It must've been so new, because the drummer told me he only knew the older Everclear music.

We had a good talk, and he promised he'd try to find that song sometime. Well, he doesn't need to search, because now I've posted it on his wall. I hope that the next time I see him play, he'll finally play it for me, and whoever I might bring.


Former Missionaries Matheson & Pollock, I was at a bar tonight, but only drank "virgin" drinks. I merely went in to see an old friend whom I've known since early Elementary school. While I was there, I knew I couldn't drink alcohol, but wasn't sure if I could be at a bar. So, is it okay to be at a bar just so long as I don't drink the alcohol there, but just to see an old friend perform onstage?

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