Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The FHE Scavenger Hunt was such a highlight of my day, it even... (Personal Entry)

(Names bolded for your ease of finding where I mention you.)

I was going to post some of these as wall posts, but they would've gotten too long so I had to place them here.

This is a continuing installment of the assigned ENGL 465 journals.

The LDS way to inebriate is to stay up over 16 hours!

Wow. I woke up at 1:## PM SUNDAY, and never went to sleep.

At this very moment, it's 10:58 PM Monday. Tommy said that for every two hours I remain awake, it's like having one drink of alcohol. Is that a can of beer, a glass of wine, or a shot of whiskey? And is this for every 2 hours beyond the 16th? But he said that it's like that when it comes to driving.

Well, I was a lot more outgoing tonight! When I used to have nights drinking with Tim McWilliams and his posse (in May 2007, during his Bachelor party, and in November 2007, during the Lampe-Meet-And-Disdain-Me party, which is a placeholder name because I forgot what the party was originally about,) after so many drinks, I came out of my careful & considered shell and my self-confidence shot through the roof. So, my outgoingness reached the "Tommy May" level.

Then after a few more drinks, I became as SUPER-outgoing as Nathan Smith, who "Squire Threshold" (aliased) told me was obnoxious and "deserved a slap," and who's supposed to be going to Iraq soon.

I became a completely different person when drunk, and the last time I ever had a drunken night was at the June 5, 2008 cookout in a Nagasaki dorm, where Thomas Erignoux prepared much of the meals and ALCOHOLIC JELLO, which I've never seen up to that point. (I think he called it some French name; I surely don't remember it anymore.) (Photos from his cooking party, here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?page=1&aid=2001125&id=1364190046 )

Ironically, that was the same night when Elders Anderson and Carter gave me a video lesson at the Nagasaki's LDS church, which was, at most, a THIRD the size of our main ward church on Marlatt Avenue. (A church that serves a city of 500,000, at 1/3 the size of a church that serves a city of 50,000, REALLY goes to show you how spiritually destitute Japan is!) I was in the midst of building my spiritual standing with the Lord, and Cissy Chen helped crash part of that effort down, but I pressed on.

But we must jump back to the subject of tonight! The melatonin sleep hormone, which can be slanged as "Covenant-Safe Alcohol," somehow made me more outgoing today. More on the activity:

The Institute's FHE Scavenger Hunt

(To outsiders: FHE = Family Home Evening. In University Branches, we spend it all with each other with games and etc., rather than all lonely-like with only our families.)

Before we set out for the hunt, President Wangsgaard greeted me like nothing awful happened, even though I've recently missed both Church and the Temple trip.

I was on the team that also consisted of Doug Harrison, Sister Carolee Wangsgaard, and a newcomer named Desireè. We had to go all around a radius of town taking pictures of something on our scavenger lists. We found a yellow Mustang, and photo'd it because it was yellow, had to all fit in a fitting room (because we had to take pictures of being in a cramped spot,) and I could keep listing it all, but I don't have my sheet with me anymore.

This Scavenger Hunt was the most fun I've ever felt in a long time. There are different kinds of fun. Playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is exciting, but I know there's a better kind of fun than that.

This Scavenger Hunt was the RIGHT kind of fun! What I mean by the right kind, is that it made me feel much younger, like Mimi's age again! I felt so good about tonight, I had a wonderful time intermingling with most everyone there, even the ones who un-friended me "by accident" and on purpose. I could have sworn that "Annette Windex" (aliased,) the one who did it on purpose this last February, was just as friendly as she would be if we were still friends on here. (I habitually put betrayers' behaviors under closer scrutiny for some odd personal reason.)

After the Hunt

So I finally got Kerri Kratzer to show me the noodle-pulling video, but even though there are similarities to what I remember, I could've sworn that the noodle chef put them in a cooking pot. This video doesn't show a pot:


But for the meantime, that video is the closest I'm going to get.

When I asked about the noodle-making video, she was processing the photos to make into a slideshow, but some snags were tripped, and Kerri announced that we were instead going to see it next Monday (Labor Day.) I hope that seeing these will make me feel younger even again. Moreover, if I don't make it there next Monday, we'll hopefully see them on a Facebook album.

Promise to Cami

I promised her that she (and her crew) would be tipped 100% if they made my order in up to 2:30.00 (Yes, 2 minutes and 30 seconds FLAT.) (75% if in 2:30.01 to 3:00.00, and 50% if in 3:00.01 to 4:00.00.)

Next, she dared me to order TWO burritos, and I accepted her proposal to increase the challenge! The potential reward is greater, but it will take twice the effort to reach her goal! (Oh, and the second burrito will be a vegetarian one for Natasha. And actually, she's a Koshetarian.)

I forgot to tell Cami that she will be given a SURPRISE if the finished order is in front of me by 2:00.00 (flat.)

My EDCEP 111 class lets out at 3:20 at Call Hall so I hope to race my bike to Chipotle by 3:30. Her hours (on Tuesdays, at least,) are 0900 - 1600.

Finally, I also promised her my CNN printout about energy drinks eroding teeth once I'm there.

Conclusion for the night

Wow, I am approaching THIRTY-SIX hours of wakefulness here! The fact that I bought a $4.20 Venti (largest) Iced White Chocolate Mocha at the Bookend Cafe ensured that I would stay hyper (but mostly bottled-up) for the rest of the day.

Oh............... WAIT!!! The sleep hormone didn't make me act this way today, the Mocha did! I was so outgoing, excited, and felt younger because I took a large shot of this uplifting drink! Well, LDS'ers can't drink coffee, and I think coffee, with its vapid taste, is such a "basic" drink anyway, so I had Mocha.

Yeah, I wonder how lethargic I'd have been tonight if it hadn't have been for that mocha. Well, it's so overpriced, I hope that Natasha can train herself how to use the coffee maker and make some supremely exciting coffee every morning. After all, coffee is covered by the EBT card, whereas the energy drinks are not.

Now, my only class on Tuesdays is at 2:30, well across campus, so I have a LONG sleep ahead.


  1. I hope you slept well all that time ago.

    Good to see the new name for your blog. I had only been to ENG3 for a month, and had been very surprised when you decided to change it.

    Have not tried energy drinks except for Gatorade and Mountain Dew and Iron Bru (this is THE Scottish energy drink: it is orange). And I have drunk things like Sustagen in the past, and milk drinks make me energetic though they may not be an option if you are lactose intolerant. (Seventy-five percent of the population, all told!)

    Had no idea that melatonin was convenant safe though I do know of the Mormon restrictions. (Must tell Papa that you are one of the nice Mormons that I now know).

    Is caffe latte allowed, though?

    And it isn't odd to put betrayers under closer scrutiny. It's what we do for survival.

  2. I thought this was an interesting social experiment. I thought th effects it had on your character were pretty funny, although it would've been more effective if you explained what you were like before you tried this.

  3. The first section of your entry i found hilarious. It see a lot of potential for humor with your limited experiences with alcohol. An area that i could see expanded for hilarity reasons is your Tommy May level. If you provided examples of dialogue that show this occurring i can see some funny stuff occurring because of it.

  4. Hi there,

    You might never ever see this comment, but just in case you do, let me tell you how I came to find myself on your blog (funnily enough I mean this literally):

    I googled myself (don't judge me, seriously who hasn't) and apart from my own facebook and a couple of school related stuff, my name came out next to the words Nagasaki, and Alcohol jello shots....(Oh yeah by the way my name's Thomas Erignoux) The thing is I have seriously no idea who you are (I can't seem to find your name on this blog) but since most obviously you were at Gaidai with me and since I am the worst person in the world at keeping in touch, I would actually very much like to hear from you one of these days !
    So just in case here's my email: erignoux_thomas@hotmail.com

    See maybe :-)

    One last thing, it was actually Nicole who made the jello shots